DJ Lil’B:-

DJ LILB aka BHAVINI SHAH is a 29 year old Music Aficionado, a Clubbing Soul, a Hip-Hop Hustler, a Bollywood Music Lover, a Night Life Person, a Die Hard Workaholic, a Foodie, a Shutterbug, a Super Bling Crazy Freak, an Artist, a Cook, Avid Traveller, Explorer, a Curious Monkey and a Mother to a 3 year old daughter “Eva” from Mumbai! DJ LILB is the first & the only Indian female DJ to spin on Ableton Live Interface!!!

What is it about you that makes you different  from other DJs?

I am the only commercial female DJ in India to spin a complete digital set using Ableton Live Interface, MOTU soundcard and Vestax VCM600 / Novation Control XL midi controller for my meticulous sets. This is the first thing that sets me apart from other competitive DJs in the industry giving me an edge above the rest and making my sets sound flawless like a mashup!

DJ LiL’B (Bhavini Shah) is a Mumbai based pioneer female DJ in India with *over 12 years of experience* in the music industry. Started her music career in 2005, travelled the globe to spin her magic in over *40 cities in India and 25 cities abroad*…..DJ LiL’B has rocked over 1000 dance floors with HipHop, Bollywood, and commercial hits. Having *played along side Mika Singh, Kailash Kher, H-Dhami, RDB, Nindy Kaur, HardKaur, Gippy Grewal to International talents like Snoop Dogg, Jay Sean, Juggy D*, to name a few,…..the most recent feather to her cap was *featuring as an official studio DJ, spinning tunes for IPL Extraaa Innings T20 Cricket (2015, Season 8)*. Not only this, LiL’Bs shot to fame came about a decade ago, when she was chosen to contest a reality show on M-TV: India’s most popular music channel….and was declared as a *winner of M-TV On The Job Season 1* by the top music industry jury members. Besides this she has also been *featured as a DJ on a show called “Lagegi” on U-TV’s Channel – Bindaas.* Clubs to College Fests, Concerts to Corporate Events, Television to Big Fat Indian Weddings,….ask her and she’s done it all!



DJ LILB, How do you get the crowd pumped?

I am *best known for my fast mixing, back to back hits in main stream music*. *I can do an unbelievable Hip Hop set wherein I live mix about 80 tracks in 60 minutes and my Bollywood sets comprises of 50 tracks in 60 minutes!*
DJ LILB as a brand is the finest, most versatile and the most technically sound female DJ when it comes to commercial music in India and around the world. Her crisp sounds, tight mixing, the technology used to spin and power packed sets leave party people asking for more! Her mixing style is fast, upbeat, and builds up with passing night. Expect commercial pop, hip hop, house and Bollywood tunes with unexpected electro bass lines, progressive variations, unforgettable melodies, range of effects, fast pace mixing, crowd pumping micing, commendable flow, attention sustaining, foot stomping track selection, crazy level of energy, unheard sounds, commercial numbers with brand new remixes,…..more than enough to bring the house down!



DJ LILB, Why should I choose you as my wedding DJ?

With over 12 years of experience in music industry, I soon took over the nation & the world with my *passion for music, unique DJ-ing skills, interactive nature, an ability to spin for all sorts of crowd and yes, a million dollar smile :)*

Weddings are my all time favorite…… *Being married, I personally know what goes into making a wedding a perfect kind!* The amount of stress that a family goes through since the date is announced to the D-Day when every minute is planned to be executed with minute details…..It’s a DJ night that can put their worries aside for a good while and gift the family a great stress burster therapy easing their frown lines, increasing their smile lines, breaking the ice with the in laws and distant guests, gearing them all for the big day the next day as one huge family! With 12 years of experience and love for all sorts of music, *I respect each and every request and surely do the best that could possibly be done to make an evening the most cherishing moment of life indeed!*


Do you have a specialty?

DJ LILB said Today I am one of the only few acknowledged female DJs who spins Hip Hop in India. Ask me what I love to play & I’ll promptly answer *“I love to play what the audience would love to hear!”* This quality of mine makes me the most loved, appreciated and peoples’ DJ. No doubt that my roots belong to Hip Hop, but since last 10 years I am massively known for my commendable Bollywood, Punjabi & Commercial Sets. Right from the latest Billboard hits to Beatport toppers to Bollywood chartbusters to old skool tunes to retro classics to club numbers,….I mix it all! I have been super successful and have commercially acclaimed fame in everything that I do! I perfectly fit the bill for any sort of music…. *be it even Gujarati Dandiya or Tamil or Punjabi/Bhangra or Marathi chartbusters! I love to spin for Clubs, Lounges, College Fests, Concerts, Big Fat Weddings, Cocktail Parties, Dinner Parties, Birthday / Anniversary Parties, Corporate Events, Award Functions, Fashion Shows, Navratri / Diwali / Holi / Christmas / New Year’s Eve Celebrations,…!*

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DJ LiL’B aka BHAVINI SHAH is a 29 year old Music Aficionado, a Clubbing Soul, a Hip-Hop Hustler, a Bollywood Music Lover, a Night Life Person, a Die Hard Workaholic, a Foodie, a Shutterbug, a Super Bling Crazy Freak, an Artist, a Cook, Avid Traveller, Explorer, a Curious Monkey and a Mother to a 3 year old daughter “Eva” from Mumbai! LiL’B is the first & the only Indian female DJ to spin on Ableton Live Interface!!!

Artist by birth – she started earning at a tender age of 13 by taking tuitions & arts n’ craft classes in her vacations before shifting gear to something more serious – Glamour Broadcast Journalism!

Anchoring, Reporting, Voiceover, Script Writing, Handling Events & PR, was a part of her curriculum at an age of 15years for a famous TV show ‘Wassup Mumbai’ which was based on Page3 Events like Fashion Shows, Product Launches, Press Conferences, Boutique Inaugurations, Premiere Shows, Awards, etc. which were glamorously by the Celebes, of the Celebes & for the Celebes, adding glitter to the Nightlife of Mumbai city.

Biggest motivation came from her parents which acted as a driving force for her to indulge more!

Having interviewed Gautam Singhania, Vijay Mallya, Manoviraj Khosla, Neeta Lulla, Vikram Phandnis, Rocky S, Wendell Rodricks, Ashriya, Surily Goel, Shamita Shetty, Hema Malini, Yana Gupta, Candice Pinto, Jennifer Mayani, Anchal Kumar, Tapur Chatterji, Nina Manuel, Sheetal Mallar, Upen Patel, Dino Morea, Shawar Ali, Niketan Mandok, Ayan Vaid, Emran Hashmi, A.D.Singh, Sabina Singh, Viren Shah, Diwan Rahul Nanda, Bobby Darling, Siddharth Kannan, DJ Aqeel, DJ Akhtar, DJ Suketu, DJ Akbar Sami, DJ A-Myth, DJ Notoroius, etc. to name a few; DJ LiL’B got obsessed with glamour, music, nightlife, parties, socializing & took to DJ-ing along with her academics.

The journey kicked off at DJ Nasha’s workstation in May 2005, where her hobby grew into a career, named changed from Bhavini Shah to DJ LiL’B & she started spinning on & off at esteem nightclubs of Mumbai for ‘Ladies Nights & Hip-Hop Nights’. When questioned why she chose her stage name to be LiL’B she answers with a broad smile stating “I started DJ-ing when I was only 17. This proudly made me the youngest DJ in India and one of the’s in Asia!  Also, I used to love spinning loads of Hip Hop / RnB / Reggae / Gangsta music back in the time….Names of legendary Hip Hop Artistes like Lil’Wayne, Lil’Kim, Lil’Jon, Lil’Flip, and many more inspired me! Thus “LiL” is derived from my age and the Hip Hop influence & “B” stands for my initial “Bhavini” & the Bling freak that I am! I truly personify the popular

Besides rocking over 40 cities in India, DJ LiL’B has also spun her magical sounds in countries like: U.A.E., Kingdom Of Bahrain, Spain, South Africa, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Nepal, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Mauritius & many more….

DJ LiL’B has also been invited for On Air Talk Show by City 101.6 (Dubai), Spice Radio (Dubai), MTV Radio Station (Colombo), Best FM (Mauritius), Fever 104FM, Meow 104.8 – India’s only for women FM, Radio Mirchi 98.3FM, Radio One 94.3FM (Bangalore), Radio Indigo (Bangalore), Power FM 107.8 (Kolkata), and has been interviewed by number of news & lifestyle channels as well. In June 2007, she won M-TV On The Job – a reality show based on DJs’ & an apprentice with DJ Suketu.

With feet grounded on land & vision set beyond horizon; devotion, determination & dedication is what she believes in.