DJ J-ya


DJing Name:-J-ya

Genre:-Hiphop, Bollywood

DJing Since :-2005


What is it about you that makes you different from other DJs?

These days I see a lot of tailor made djs.what sets me apart is my experience as a resident in numerous clubs..



How would you describe your style?

FREE STYLE!! I play everything when it comes to a club and my audience…everything that they would want and would be the call of the hour.. I do specialize in hip-hop and Bollywood.



How do you get the crowd pumped?

I keep it really easy breezy in the beginning, and suddenly drop a bomber of a track…!!it always works.



Why should I choose you as my wedding DJ?

If you have been in and around my gigs you would know…. I play everything you can think off



Do you have a specialty?

huh? I m a disc jockey..i juggle music…isn’t that specially do I have to start doing things to make my act special and participate in a rats race….there are artists….!! who specialize in their own field.:-)



DJ’s around the world are now spinning beats that make us move and groove – no wonder then that the world has recognized their art and is looking up to those with serious potential!

One such power-house is DJ J-YA ! Welcome to her world of music where trend, tune and technique merge mutually as one. Versatile, gifted and charismatic are words that best describe DJ J-YA. A thorough artist and stellar performer, this Kolkata talent-house is rapidly climbing the ladder up towards success and recognition. Born as Jaya Melwani, this young star has been rocking dance floors across Kolkata and is keeping the trend alive in Mumbai these days. Aspiring to redefine the term ‘DJ’, this sporty diva is not just a music maker but also a performer to the core.