DJ Esha


DJing Name:-Esha

Genre:-EDM, Commercial, Progressive, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Deep House. Almost all genre of music.




What inspired you to be a DJ?


Well it all started when I used to clubbing with my friends in Banglore and many other parts of the country. I was always awestruck with the fact that how these Djs manage to pull such great crowd. Also I always enjoyed dancing to their beats. Legendary artists like TIESTO, HARDWEL, AVICI drove me towards this profession.






If you had to switch your style to another genre, what would it be?


My main stram genre is Bollywood, but apart from that I also play EDM, COMMERCIAL etc! But as far as switching my genre is concerned, I would like to do HIP HOP.





Who is your biggest inspiration? / Who do you have a lot of respect for?


My biggest inspiration is Martin Garrix, at very young age he managed to achieve so much in his respective field. That’s the most inspiring thing about him.





How do you get the crowd pumped?


Playing Fusion theme by mixing Bollywood and English numbers is my forte and interestingly Crowd enjoys that the most! Apart from playing what crowd really wanna hear, I interact with the crowd a lot, and that helps a lot in pumping up!




Known as the beauty with beats, Dj Esha completed her Disc Jockey course from Resonance Studios and Academy Bangalore. Looking to conquer the dance & music world, Esha plans to keep performing at various clubs and dream to someday become a global figure in the field of EDM.

With her rapid growth in the music Industry, DJ Esha keeps her schedule busy with performances at various clubs across the globe and some popular events in big cities. In 2014, she was the only female DJ to be a part of the official lineup for Shiva Squad Music festival in Manali. Recently the young DJ was featured in a short movie by Bluestone which focused on her journey as a DJ.