DJing Name:-Donnaa

Genre:-Bollywood, Commercial, EDM

DJing Since :-2004

Favourite Clubs:-Zouk (Singapore), Drop (Mumbai), Playboy (Mumbai), and many more

Influences:-Dj Akhtar, Dj Aqeel, Axwell, Victor Ruiz, Ash Roy, Fedde le Grand, Infected Mushroom, Ma Faiza, MadMax, Hilight Tribe, and many more


What Inspired you to be a DJ?

Hailing from a musical background, music has been a part of my existence. DJing happened. Being a professional dancer at a very young age, sense of Rhythm was always there. When I first touched the console I challenged myself to be good at entertaining people and if I succeeded It would become a part of my everyday routine. Rest is history. Also, I was the youngest Female Dj of India back in 2004 when I started.



Who is your biggest Inspiration?

My biggest Inspiration would have to be my father. He is my role model. Also, My parents have been my biggest support, without them the journey of 13 years wouldn’t be possible.



How would you describe your style?

I’m all about Dance. I believe if I can dance to my own music , I can make the crowd jump to it too.



Why would I choose you as my wedding DJ?

Weddings are a happy space. Weddings these days without music and dance isnt complete. Why me? Because, not only do I have the ability to make people dance with my style of music, I could also go on playing non stop for 8-10 hours without repeating a track in Bollywood (one of the main genres required for weddings).



If you had to switch your style to another genre, what would it be?

I am a versatile DJ, I started off by playing Hip-Hop, R&B, back in the days to Bollywood, Commercial, EDM being my forte now, also spinning several genres of House Music as per the clients wish. So, there is really no need of me switching my style. I’m an out and out music lover, every genre is a favourite.




Dj Donnaa is a versatile Dj,  specialising in Bollywood, Commercial House, EDM. She has been Ranked Number 12 by Djane Mag India. Dj Donnaa was introduced to music when she was 2 years old.Hailing from a musical family she has been inspired by music as a child.

After realizing the love and passion for music she became ambitious about becoming a good entertainer. Being the youngest female Dj of India, at the age of 16 she sets out to make a niche for herself.