DJing Name:-Barkha Kaul

Genre:-Bollywood, Commercial & House

DJing Since :-2008

Favourite Clubs:-F-Bar & Ten Downing Street.

Influences:-Dj Mash, Dj Suketu and Dj NYK


What inspired you to be a DJ?

My love for music and love to groove on good beats inspired me to become a Dj. I’ve been a party animal and the fact that we only use to see male DJ‘s on the console made me think to try this profession. That’s how I started to learn the art in 2008 and launched myself.



What is it about you that makes you different from other DJs?

I was the first model/Dj in north India made me stand out. Modelling for 11 years gave me that confidence to face the crowd and perform in front of so many people, a hardcore music lover I dint compromise on learning the skills to best of my ability. Sheer determination and dedication towards my work helps me to shine brighter.



How would you describe your style?

I describe my style as being unique. I’m my biggest competitions don’t like to compare myself with others. The never ending inclination to learn and explore more and more makes me unique. I like to experiment all genre of music but my forte has been Commercial, Bollywood and Edm music, rest we judge our crowd and spin accordingly.


How do you get the crowd pumped?

I get the crowd pumped up by giving them the flavour that they desire. We as Djs need to understand the choice of the crowd you are spinning for. Its a challenging job but the love for music keeps me going. I interact on the mic to invite my people on the floor and playing groovy beats pumps up the crowd.




DJ Barkha is an accomplished model with a love for music, art and travel. Few years back DJ Barkha stepped forward to follow her passion in music and trained herself as a professional Dj. She has a natural flair for music and within a short span of time was able to establish herself as one of the most popular Bollywood & Electronic Dj’s in India. Her contribution to music was recognized by ‘Live Quotient Awards’ (2015), who awarded her as the best female DJ in India. And December 2015 she was Awarded as the Best Wedding Dj by ‘Wedding Mantra’.


Having been a model for eleven years she thought that to be one of the toughest professions. However, becoming a DJ made her discover a whole new side to herself. There is a new high for her in creating something unique and sizzling at each event. Being a people’s person she loves interacting with the crowd. This not only helps her in understanding the mood and preference of the guests but also in adapting her style to make it a memorable experience exceeding the guest expectations at every event.