Top Food Blogs of Mumbai !!!

Mumbai the city famous for street food which makes your tounge drool. They say that there is no love greater than a “mother’s love”. However, food lovers will tell you that there is no greater love than the “love for food”. Loofre brings to you the top food bloggers of mumbai for whom food cooking and serving their taste to people is their passion, commitment and aim of their life. Read More

Finely Chopped by Kalyan Karmakar

Kalyan Karmakar is one of India’s earliest food and travel bloggers and has authored the book, The Travelling Belly, published by Hachette India. He is a freelance food writer and consultant who had worked in market research in the early part of his career.

His blog, has won the FBAI 2017 Best General Food Blog award and he has won the Godrej Protect Power Blogger of the Year award in 2017 and the best Indian Food Blogger Award. Read More

The Crazy Indian Foodie by Devashree Sanghvi

top food bloggers of mumbai

Devashree Sanghvi is the founder and blogger at Thecrazyindianfoodie. She is a food and travel blogger, Zomato verified restaurant reviewer and social media influencer based in Mumbai. From street food to fine dining, brand reviews to destinations to luxury resorts to weekend gateways to events she’s got it all covered on her blog.

Thecrazyindianfoodie is a wonderful platform for people to know about the latest restaurants, events, F&B brands, recipes, destinations, resorts and more. Devashree is also a young practicing lawyer and balances her passion and profession impeccably. Read More

Foodiepedia Mumbai by Mrunal Desai

top food bloggers of mumbai

Mrunal Desai a student of architecture, her love for food and passion for exploring new places and cuisines started while she visited various architectural places in her city & in the country.

She started her food journey Last year on the occasion of Diwali. She is now a great family of 25k on Instagram. She went to many events where she got a chance to meet famous chefs of cooking industry like Sanjeev Kapoor, Saransh Goila,& Harpal Singh. Recently she visited Fabelle Chocolate event where she got an opportunity to recreate Masterchef Australia’s winner Chef Billie McKay’s signature dish. Read More

EK Plate by Harsh V Shah

top food bloggers of mumbai

Harsh V Shah is born and brought up in a typical Gujarati family that loves food! His grandmother is a caterer by profession his father cooks for the family and his grandfather keeps looking for the next best recipes, safe to say food is the number one topic at the Shah family household.

He started the Blog at the end of his Bachelor’s degree and has been managing Ek Plate full time ever since. He has been running the blog for close to 3 years now. Poised about hitting 100k on.Read More

The food Hunters by Shobhan and Shreyan

top food bloggers of mumbai

The Food Hunters is the brainchild of Shobhan who is a Second Year Engineering student and his elder brother Shreyan who is pursuing Final Year Engineering.These two  brothers decided to share the love of food they had via YouTube channel ‘The Food Hunters’ and also through Instagram with the same name.

The love for food has been since a very young age. Recently decided to share their travel experiences via the same YouTube channel has been a great way to show the world to all. Read More

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