Loofre’s Exclusive Bands Of Delhi


Here are 12 Emerging Bands Shaking Up Delhi’s Music Scene

From lush waves of Electronic sounds to Folk Rock to Hip Pop, we’ve got it all! So take advantage and pick your favorite.

Avartan | The MixTape | Indo Fuzon | Astiva | Bismil | Arzz.AMusical Call | ThePilgrim | Tarkash | Fareed | Anhad | Showkeen | Sozz |



‘AVARTAN’ Is an Alternative-Rock Band Formed In 2012 Plays a Fusion Flavored Music Fusing Different Genres Like Pop, Rock, Alternative, Acoustic/Unplugged, Semi-Classical & also Bollywood Covers, creating experimental Style & Sound. The Band is currently known for its Sufi live performances and Bollywood Covers. The Band’s been working on its Original compositions since its form, which also happens to be the main aim of the Band and they’re hoping to release their debut album sooner in the near future calling different Genres and a brand new style of Music in the Avartan Style. READ MORE


The Mixtape


“The Mixtape” Band is a 4 piece indie rock Band from New Delhi. 10th June 2016 was the date when Ankesh and Vishal Kar played for the first time together. Random guys met on Instagram gave a thought to play together and since then they never stopped. Earlier they named their duo “The Anky Vkay Project”. They didn’t want to limit themselves so they add two more members in the band for drums and bass. READ MORE




Two brothers, Suraj and Sanjay Verma, formed Indo Fuzon in 2013 at Chandigarh. Suraj has been in the Top 30 in Indian Idol 2012 and Sanjay is an all-rounder as he has been a Vocalist, a Guitarist, a drummer and even the bassist of the Band. Initially, they started as a duo Setup but soon realized that the future of the band is something else. After collaborating with many artists they finally realized that the band is heading in the right direction. In 2015, Paras Royal joined the band as the lead Guitarist and gave a new dimension to the sound and soon after him; Rajeev Kori became the newest member as the Percussionist and gave depth to the Indian classical and folk section. By this, the time the band became THE HOT THING in Chandigarh, and then the band got a Manager, Abhishek Pratap Singh. READ MORE




Astitva is a Multi-Genre Hindi band based in New Delhi, India. The Band “Astitva” insists on setting feelings above mere technique and creating an individualistic genre of mold-breaking music. Born out of diverse western pop/rock and Hindustani Classical influences, Astitva started in 2007. to give birth to a serious cutting-edge band, Blending deeply meditative ragas with rock and jazz with a hint of URDU POETRY. Astitva encompasses hybrid styles of exquisite melodies and everlasting pop/rock instrumentation, hence carving out a special sound and considering their music as a labor of love as well as a message of hope to all. The compositions of Astitva are composed in such a way that a common man can relate to. Every song is different from each other and each song brings out a different emotion, and most of the songs have an entire story wrapped in them. READ MORE



Bismil the band! Bismil  Band presents a heady mix of Sufi, Bollywood  & Retro numbers with a twist! Adding a little rock to their style they have managed to always have the audience on its toes. Bismil was put together by Asif Khan 2014 and is completed by 5 more musicians that came together fueled by a mutual interest in the same kind of music. Founded a little over three years ago, on the day of love, 14th of February 2014. Coincidentally, Their band name ‘Bismil’ means lover!  Reiterating, the band is all about love! Love for music, love for sterling live performances to serve a delightful mix no music lover can stay away from. READ MORE


Arzz.A Musical Call


It was all started in 2008 when these 6 buddies scratched their heads to step out and make a difference. Then the call came… and Arzz was formed. They are performers, entertainers, musicians and best at their hearts! The purity of their talent can be seen through their voices and performances. So far they have managed to perform at 1000+ shows across the country covering the major cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Daman, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Bhopal, Lucknow, Banaras & many more. READ MORE




ThePilgrim is a six-piece rock’n’roll unit that first came to be in the music room of School of Planning and Architecture where all of them were students. Their music is born from the deep bonds they have formed as friends and a mutual love for creating original material. A large part of their live set which extends over one and a half hours is in the process of being recorded in 2017. READ MORE




TARKASH is a multi-genre band, based in New Delhi. The band was created in 2011 by 5 young men and has been getting strong ever since. The band ’Tarkash’s name, which has its roots in Devnagari script, translates to ‘Tarkash’ a basket or a container of arrows ’Tarkash’. Having a full ‘Tarkash’ was a matter of pride for the warriors. Similarly, their music is a matter of pride for these budding musicians. Tarkash has made it’s marked around the globe and has performed for their fans in Rome, Moscow, and Jordan. READ MORE




Fareed Band started out in the autumn of 2014 by Harsh Vishnoi, who plays guitar and works on production/string arrangements, along with Gurpinder Pal Singh with a concept in mind which was to bring an utter level of satisfaction to the audience and most importantly to all the musicians in the band by the very distinct form of music they play. Fareed is significantly a Multiple genre Indian-fusion bands with genres such as Sufi, Folk, Bollywood-Pop, funk, Rock, and alternative. For the more recent update, the band just completed its third year with over a 1000 shows performed throughout India and is releasing their first original single this fall. Fareed is
a New Delhi based band. READ MORE




Anhad is a Delhi based Multigenre band famous for recreating the original Sufi music and blending the likes of Semi classical music with the popular culture. Anhad was formed back in 2013 with the sole motto of inspiring the youth of today with their music. “Anhad” as the name suggests is short for “Limitless” , or boundless. Because we believe it is the sound of the universe, Anhad is endless but constant. The band consists of both male and female vocals. Jas Nischal is the male Lead of the band and shows his skills in Sufi and Punjabi music.  READ MORE




Sidharth Arora ‘with a single D’. A Bollywood acoustic singer-songwriter is known for his distinctive music style who holds the crowd with his witty humor and mesmerizing unplugged music sessions.  He sings straight from his heart, which almost feels like a beautiful story being told in a deep husky voice. With a string of live performances, in his nostalgia-inducing voice that always has the audience on its toes, Sidharth has been performing in various cafes like The Lord of the Drinks, Warehouse Cafe, marine drive, flying saucer and private events in Delhi and numerous other states. READ MORE




SOZZ IS A MULTI-GENRE BAND OF VERSATILE AND TALENTED YOUNG MUSICIANS FROM DELHI. FULL OF ENTHUSIASM, ENERGETIC AND CREATIVE! THEIR ACT MESMERISES ALL. ‘GURU MAHESH’- An enthusiastic musician by nature, patch specialist, and a classically trained sitarist. Experimenting with music is fun to him. With a thorough understanding of Indian and western music, he is always lost in his musical realms and has the right notes expressing the SOZ within. READ MORE


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