Singapore Tour Diaries by DJ Donnaa:-

Singapore Tour Diaries is presented by DJ Donnaa. Here in the blog post yon can find out the best places you should visit  & activities you should try in Singapore according to DJ Donnaa.

Where did you perform in Singapore?

I Performed at Bollywood lah,one of the best clubs in Singapore.Later,I went to Genting dream cruise to perform,I explored a bit of Singapore before and after and in between when we docked in Phuket.

How did you explore Singapore?Which places did you visit in Singapore?

I visited the garden by the bay,Mustafa for shopping,all site seeing of the country.Later,I watched the marina bay waterfall show, went to the zouk night club.And walked a lot to explore the country.That’s how I mostly explore – walking.

Which is the most beautiful place you would say in Singapore?

I think Garden by the bay is the most beautiful place to visit in Singapore.

According to you what are the best local dishes to try?

Ramen & Nasi goreng both are mouth-watering dishes of Singapore.

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