12 Best Food Bloggers of Mumbai

Loofre.com has accumulated the list of the 12 Best Food Bloggers of Mumbai, India. We bring to you the best of all time. The Top Food Bloggers have their own style of showing their creativity while presenting marvelous and excellent work on food diversification.



Richa (formerly Amchi.foodie) the face behind Savory Tales. Born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh, academics took me to many cities of Western India. Blogger SAVRYTALE BY RICHA | MUMBAI, started my professional career, post PG, as a banker with India’s leading retail bank. Read more

Foodiesofindia by Ritika Betala | Mumbai


Blogger Foodiesofindia by Ritika Betala | Mumbai has been featured by TravelXp, Lonely Planet Magazine India, LBB, Magic Pin and others for her food and travel adventures. Blogger Foodiesofindia by Ritika Betala | Mumbai, has a full-time job as a marketing professional for the last 7 years. Read more

 Mumbai food junkie | Swarali Kulkarni | Mumbai


Blogger Mumbai food junkie | Swarali Kulkarni is a result of our undying love and passion for food and photography. With our platforms, we aim to focus on the finest of food, travel &  lifestyle brands in India & beyond. Read more

Mumbai Cha Foodies by Somsuraj | Mumbai


Blogger Mumbai Cha Foodies by Somsuraj The Name of Our Blog Itself Tells You That We are Foodies Of Mumbai. Our Love For Food is What Brought Us Here. Blogger Mumbai Cha Foodies by Somsuraj Like To Showcase Different Food To Our Audience. Read more

 Mumbai Food Trail by Sameer & Parimita


Blogger Mumbai Food Trail by Sameer & Parimita Nagori is Mumbai based full-time entrepreneurs and part-time bloggers with over 4 years of experience in content creation and being influencers in the F&B and Travel industry. Read more

 Bombay food blogger By Ayush Dolani | Mumbai


This art of Photography has led him towards food styling and Food Photography. At the start, Blogger Bombay food blogger by Ayush Dolani | Mumbai used to click normal pictures with no sign of food styling. It just got the food, click it and eats it. Read more

 MunchyMumbai by Sagar Rupani and Parth Kothari | Mumbai


Founders of the blog – Sagar Rupani and Parth Kothari. Friends for 8 years now. They both were BMS students. They started MunchyMumbai on 28th March 2015. It’s been more than 4 years now and they have turned into big foodies. They also have two more pages. Read more

 Brewingfood by Trishala Sharma | Mumbai |


Trishala Sharma represents her personal blog Trishala Sharma aka Brewingfood. she started her journey in 2016 by visiting a lot of restaurants and as time passed she started realizing one of her hidden passion and discovered her love for food. Read more

The Desi Hoggers by Abhishek Jain |Mumbai|


Abhishek Jain his heart and soul belongs to Mumbai and amchi Mumbai food. Street food always amazes me and tempts me more than anything in the world. Since he was born and bought up in Mumbai. VADA PAV runs in his blood with dry garlic powder. His journey started with a random idea and love for food which is now at a peak and his goal is to explore different cuisine around the world and wander around the cities trying out specialty which are hidden between city lanes. Come and join him and see how he explores his city MUMBAI. Read more

Finely Chopped by Kalyan Karmakar |Mumbai|


Kalyan Karmakar is one of India’s earliest food and travel bloggers and has authored the book, The Travelling Belly, published by Hachette India. He is a freelance food writer and consultant who had worked in market research in the early part of his career. His blog, www.finelychopped.net has won the FBAI 2017 Best General Food Blog award and he has won the Godrej Protect Power Blogger of the Year award in 2017 and the best Indian Food Blogger Award 2017 in the BHG and Social Samosa Awards. He was also the winner of the FBAI best food and travel and best general blog winner in 20165, 2016. Read more

The Food Hunters By Shobhan & Shreyan |Mumbai|


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 Foodiepedia Mumbai by Mrunal Desai |Mumbai|


Mrunal Desai a student of architecture, her love for food and passion for exploring new places and cuisines started while she visited various architectural places in her city & in the country. Blogger Foodiepedia Mumbai started her food journey Last year on the occasion of Diwali. Blogger Foodiepedia Mumbai is now a great family of 25k on Instagram. She went to many events where she got a chance to meet famous chefs of the cooking industry like Sanjeev Kapoor, Saransh Goila,& Harpal Singh. Read more


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