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Spoonful of Hyderabad by Faraaz and Samia | Hyderabad

A spoonful of Hyderabad – Celebrating foods that binds us together SOH is run by  – Faraaz & Samia. An engineer and A Interior Designer who happen to love food with the same passion one can say. A blog that has done multiple events across the city with brands like Wrigley, Pepsico, Uber Eats to restaurants like the park, Mamagoto ohris and many more.Read more


Gastrohogger by Karthik Gandhi | Hyderabad

Gastrohogger by Karthik Gandhi, 35, an IT Manager by profession but a hardcore foodie at heart has a big appetite and hogs a lot. With a blog brand name as GastroHogger, he shares his experiences in all places he visits and food promotions/festivals from restaurants all around the Land of Biryani. GastroHogger is all about being a sharing experience to a common man who loves food and connects the vibe on it. Read more

Hyderabad foods by Rajat kathotia & Sambhav Choraria |Hyderabad

Blog Hyderabad foods (RajatKathotia (19) – SambhavChoraria (20)) is a foodie Duo pursuing Bachelor’s in  Business Administration, are one of the youngest Food Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, Social Workers in Hyderabad who aim at Changing the Vision of People Towards Food Blogging. Read more

Hyderabad Food Guy by Pallab De |Hyderabad

Hyderabad Food Guy is a Food Blog which created by Food Blogger Pallab De. Pallab De is a techie who arrived in Hyderabad towards the beginning of the decade and fell in love with the city’s vibrant and rich culinary legacy. He has been blogging for over a decade and a half, and, shares his food-related musings under the moniker of ‘Hyderabad Food Guy’. Read more

Elvishvixen by Madhubrata Ghosh | Hyderabad

The fact that Madhubrata Ghosh is a doctor but she started blogging out of her sheer love for writing, growing up her mother would give her sister and loads of books written portraying strong women. Janeausten became their childhood hero. Her uncle would give Them dc and marvel comics showing them heroes are born out of darkness and they excel in the toughest of times. writing came easy to her .She developed amidst the numerous travel opportunities she was blessed with that broadend her my mind to beyond the four walls it was stuck behind to a world full of hope and endless opportunities. Read more

Hyderabad Food Diaries | Mohd Zubair Ali

Hyderabad Food Diaries blog is all about exploring new & old places across the city. It consists of anything & everything related to restaurants, street foodfood courts, star hotels, clubs, lounges, etc. Read more

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