Telling your parents that you want to become a Best Female DJ in India for life is like ‘DJ!!!  Meri naak kata ke rakhega! Chal padhai kar!‘ as it did about 10 years ago. The profession is not a male-dominated one and in India, women do not lag behind in number, fame, money, and opportunity. The female DJ’s have broken all barriers, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their male counterparts, belting out tracks and bringing the house down all over the country


DJ Barkha KaulDJ Kamya | DJ Dipika Pandey | DJ Gouri | DJ Minaz | DJ Pasha Doll | DJ Pia | DJ Shivani Oberoi | DJ Zuby | DJ Chestha Khurana |




DJ Barkha is an accomplished model with a love for music, art, and travel. A few years back DJ Barkha stepped forward to follow her passion in music and trained herself as a professional Dj. She has a natural flair for music and within a short span of time was able to establish herself as one of the most popular Bollywood & Electronic Dj’s in India. Her contribution to music was recognized by ‘Live Quotient Awards’ (2015), who awarded her as the best female DJ in India. And December 2015 she was awarded as the Best Wedding Dj by ‘Wedding Mantra’. READ MORE 




Dj Kamya inherits a very versatile spirit of the country she was born in, which connects her instantly with the crowd she plays for. Her cognitive ability to multi-task and master the genre’s music is given in the music world but what sets her DNA rolling is our very own Bollywood and electronic music. She is a trained professional from DJ NASHA’S ACADEMY but on the console what cajoles the crowd is the sheer passion for music which she holds in her heart and the pulse of the crowd which she understands so well. READ MORE




DJ Angel has dominated the club & music industry in India. She has been passionate about music since her school time. She is a drummer at times and also a famous stylist of B-Town. DJ Angel has proved over the years, DJ Angel has been seen as a promising performer and a pure soul which can be seen in her mixing talent. She can just make the crowd GO-GAGA…A versatile and dynamic personality. READ MORE




DJ LILB aka BHAVINI SHAH is a 29 year old Music Aficionado, a Clubbing Soul, a Hip-Hop Hustler, a Bollywood Music Lover, a Night Life Person, a Die Hard Workaholic, a Foodie, a Shutterbug, a Super Bling Crazy Freak, an Artist, a Cook, Avid Traveller, Explorer, a Curious Monkey and a Mother to a 3 year old daughter “Eva” from Mumbai! DJ LILB is the first & the only Indian female DJ to spin on Ableton Live Interface!!! READ MORE




DJ Sway is one of the Best EDM DJ of India Not limiting herself to one particular genre, DJ Sway dishes out the freshest and finest sounds from the diverse realm of electronic music. Her carefully chosen tracklist in her DJ sets explores new aural territories and allows her to create mixes that are not only drivingly memorable but also individual to the night. READ MORE




DJ SHIREEN started her musical career at the age of 19 as the youngest best female DJ in India and had already earned the title of CLUB QUEEN of India by the Industry. Shireen was amongst the Top 7 DJs of the country at the age of 21. She won the Times Music WAR of DJs in 2007 and was the youngest National Finalist of India with barely 2 years of being in the DJing Industry. Her Rapping skills have always set her apart and her first song as a Rapper ranked No.4 in BBC Asian Network. Shireen is the first Indian Female DJ to have released an EDM album worldwide on iTunes, Saavn, Gaana, Spotify & Amazon.  READ MORE





DJ Dipika followed her passion for music and her interest to entertain the crowd. She is Djing since 8 years now. She has made the crowd groove in various locations pan India and her forte is playing a varied style of music like commercial house, progressive house, EDM, Hip-Hop, Bollywood and various others. She is one of the best DJ for the Commercial house. READ MORE




DJ Shreya started her career at the age of 23. Leading female Dj & Best Female DJ in Pune! Her style is unique and accessible and she prides herself on the fact that she can read the audience’s mind and keep them partying all night long. Her dream? She is already living it! Dj Shreya believes life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than your comfort zone. Dj Shreya is one the example for all us women.  READ MORE




DJ Ritika Sharma a very enthusiastic Female Dj from the city very well known for its music and its nightlife “KOLKATA”. Ritika Sharma has started her music from scratch so that she can get all her basics right and perfect. She is very well known for her charm behind the console and her puppy tracks which makes the crowd jive along with her tunes. READ MORE




DJ MINAZ is a straight monster on ones and twos dropping some of the most body rocking EDM, HOUSE, COMMERCIAL AND BOLLYWOOD sets in the bay. It’s rare to find a DJ today who pours as much love and who takes as much pride in her mixes. She adds Love, Passion, Dedication and the Aloha spirit to the DJ scene. She is as loyal to the music with a fierce sense of style and a pretty smile, she’s got the radiance to make the sun-shy. READ MORE




Pasha Doll is best known as Dj Pasha Doll. She is a celebrity, an international DJ from Russia, who is now in New Delhi (India). She has 5 years of Djing experience in different countries like Turkey, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Africa, Malaysia, Dubai, Russia & Ukraine. She has a great experience to work all over India. Pasha Doll is the WINNER of one of the reality show on MTV India, Love School Season 2 (2016-2017), which brought her huge popularity and fame in India. Sexy image, good dance combined with great music and experience behind a desk should be memorable. READ MORE




Dj Nilashree is a Bollywood Dj and Producer from the City of Joy, Kolkata. She is trained under the top DJs/Producers in India, Dj Raj Roy from Casablanca Studios. Born in 1992 music has always been a part of Nilashree’s life. She has been a part of a popular radio station and also TV channels. READ MORE



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