Best Resident DJs of Delhi 2020

Best DJs of Delhi 2020 list includes the fully experienced DJs of Delhi which knows the best way to make people rock in parties.

 DJ Amish | Kitty Su | Delhi

DJ Aamish holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Trade and International Practices. A traveler by passion, he loves to explore new places. His taste bud can savor all kinds of spices and flavors. Varun calls himself a big-time foodie. Music is his all-time love. His favorite genres are Deep House, Tech House, and Techno. Catch the ‘DJ’ play some new age grooves every Friday and Saturday night at Kitty Su, Delhi. Read more


DJ Tarun | Resident DJ | Playboy Club Delhi

DJ Tarun is a Delhi based DJ, working in this field for the last 12 years with his never-ending enthusiasm for mixology and stringent attitude towards his work. He has acquired knowledge of music production from one of the most reputed Indian DJ NYK. He practiced and expertise DJing on an advanced measure on this fascinating quest and successfully leaned CD DJing with effective use of CD turntable. Read more

 DJ  ANIRUDH KAUL | Soho | Delhi

From early childhood years, DJ Anirudh Kaul identified his love and passion for music. He always cherished spending time with his music over everything else. DJ Anirudh Kaul gained his inspiration from playing at house parties and started delving deeper into the world of music. After that, there was no turning back. Read More


 DJ ASH | Privee | Delhi

DJ ASH Started djing in 2012 as a resident DJ in club Mojos. Worked in Peppers for 18 months then went on with D Bar & Village Deck followed by club BW for 1 year. Currently, he is working as a Resident DJ with club Privee.DJ Ash believes that Being a resident is something every DJ should experience in order to fully understand it’s importance and to open their musical knowledge. One represents the party with their music and if you are a “resident DJ” you have the biggest responsibilities. Read more

 DJ ASHIM | Play Boy | Delhi

DJ Ashim took DJ’ing as his career in 2002. Travelling has always been his keen interest and coupled with the passion for the most cutting-edge sounds and a unique style of mixing he soon became a familiar name in the industry when he started playing in some of the topmost clubs in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Ludhiana, Jaipur, and Kolkata. Read more


 DJ ASHU NAGPAL | Xo Charlie | Delhi



 DJ  IRVIN | Kitty Su | Delhi


 DJ AENZO | BW | Delhi

DJ Aenzo is known for his Enthusiasm, Announcing skills at Reception preparation as a Disc jockey at clubs. DJ Aenzo believes in playing in his own exclusive & rigorous style. Confession to genres from house, electronic, commercial to hip hop. DJ Aenzo started at a very young age under the guidance of DJ Prashant who is like a big idol for him. AENZO has good and peerless hands & finger dexterity at the music disc &. Equipment. Read more


DJ JAPS | MNKY House | Delhi

DJ Japs is also in the Best DJs of Delhi 2020 list. Dj Japs started his career in 2013. He has worked as a Resident DJ in club Cubana Goa at first and now he is spicing up the things as prominent Resident DJ for the Club BW Delhi. He believes in sheer hard work and quality of mixes. For him, it is all about searching a lot of music and know it well, be able to adapt to different situations and leaving the crowd in true spills. Read more


DJ Johnnie Ernest glad to tell you guys, He is also in the Best DJs of Delhi 2020 list. He is just following my passion in his life, Whatever is there, Its all because of his music and he thank God for this gift, DJ Johnnie Ernest started it from a scratch and till now the journey has been fantastic, All the up and downs are my learnings and makes me a better person and an artist every day, DJ Johnnie Ernest promise to myself that now and forever He will keep sharing positive energies through my music. Read more


 DJ MUKUL | Agni | Delhi


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