COMEDIAN Vaibhav Arora


Nick Name:-Vaibhav Arora

Performing Since:-2 years

Favourite Venue:- Grey House Cafe, Agra

Influencer :-Father


When did you realize that you are funny and you need to let the world know that you are funny?

I never realised that I’m funny. It happened over time. My sense of humour was there, but I was not utilising it. When I got the opportunity, I wrote down my jokes and performed. Since then, I’ve been addicted to stage and the applause that I get when I kill. I think stage is the most addictive thing.



Share any memorable event or instance?

The most memorable moment was when I got selected in Laughter Challenge this year. I was not at all expecting this and wasn’t ready for this. I wasn’t planning to go to the audition in the first place, but I did. I stayed in Mumbai for three weeks and learnt a lot from everyone. I think that is one of the best experiences of my life which I can cherish for life long.



Have you ever been booed on stage?

No, I’ve never been booed on stage. I’ve been in front of disinterested audience but I’ve never been booed, and I hope that never happens.



What happens if people do not laugh at your jokes?

Not a problem, I do the next set.


What advice would you give new comedians just starting out?

I’d advise to just hit the open mics and be regular in that. Be authentic because authenticity is rare. Don’t plagiarize, be original and it will work out just fine.

ABOUT Vaibhav Arora

Vaibhav Arora, a cute punjabi guy, who doesn’t do drugs during day time, comes from a typical Indian Joint family. He’s the funniest man, according to his maid. He developed a keen sense of observing people and his own life experiences, all of which have found its way into his comedy. He’s a Journalism student and also a photographer (instagram: @delhiwalla ).
Was in ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ and was among Top 40 comedians from all over India.