COMEDIAN Ravi Khurana



Performing Since:-2 years

Favourite Venue:-Akshara Theatre, Delhi

Influencer :-Bill Murray & Biswa Kalyan Rath


When did you realize that you are funny and you need to let the world know that you are funny?

My friends and family realized it before I did. Being a typical Punjabi, good humour and sarcasm flows in my blood. But I actually started going on stage as a poet and used to have fun conversation with audience while reciting my poetry ,one day some organising member of a poetry event noticed it and asked me to try my hands on Stand-up Comedy as well.



Share any memorable event or instance?

First time is always memorable, isn’t it? For me it was when I won Canvas Laugh Club(Mecca of Stand-up Comedy) Open Mic competition in Gurgaon for the first time and as a reward got a chance to perform with one of the most intelligent and wittiest Stand-up comedian of India Maheep Singh.



What are you Laughter Secrets?

My humour comes from day to day life.I look at past events, what’s happening around me, observe current affairs; add a pinch of imagination and try to present it to audience with unimaginable and hilarious point of view.



Have you ever been booed on stage?

I am lucky that nobody booed me yet but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen in the future. It is a part of process. We Comedians write jokes, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. For a comedian, silent audience is as bad as being booed by audience. Our job is to try new stuff in open mics and perform good and tested stuff in shows. So as an audience your job is to clap. Please clap. Please.



What happens if people do not laugh at your jokes?

When people don’t laugh, I go back home, listen to the audio recording of my performance and analyse what might be the reason; whether I need to scrap a few jokes or the entire set, do I need to add a few bits here & there or do I need to restructure my jokes. I do same thing even when my jokes do work;  reviewing and analyzing is the key here.


ABOUT Ravi Khurana

Ravi Khurana is a Stand-up Comedian and a poet (actual poet not spoken word poet). Age 31, He comes from a typical Punjabi family of Delhi. He used to write poetry since his college days and have a good command over Hindi and Punjabi poetry. In his school days, apart from Bollywood actors like Amrishpuri, Akshay Kumar, Ravi used to do mimicry of SuhaibIlyasi, who used to host TV crime Show ‘India’s Most Wanted’. Ravi was always known for his wit and sarcastic humour in his school, college and office but he never thought of becoming a professional Stand-up comedian until one day he was performing his poetry and someone introduced him to the world of Stand-up Comedy. He didn’t look back from there, and won several competitions including Canvas Laugh Club Open Mics, BITS Pilani Goa Delhi chapter.

Ravi is officially first Punstar of Delhi and was featured in Ishq 104.8 FM. In 2017, Ravi co-founded Chai-Matthi Tales, one of the first production houses in Delhi which focuses on both live Stand-up Comedy and poetry events, and also digital content(comedy sketches, song parodies, video podcasts) on social media(Youtube and Facebook) in lines with giants like TVF and AIB.

Ravi also performed in various shows in Delhi and gave houseful Shows under his own Production Chai-Matthi Tales. His unique concept based Stand-up Comedy show ‘Chaped Khaani Hai?’ with two other co-founders of Chai-Matthi Tales and comics based in Delhi Gourav Mahna and Inder Sahani was a huge success in 2017.

Ravi is looking forward to a year full of laughter and success, as few auditorium shows, College gigs and corporate shows are already planned for 2018.