COMEDIAN Manish Sharma


Nick Name:-Manish Sharma

Performing Since:-13 Years

Favourite Venue:-where I can find some audience involvement and response .


When did you realize that you are funny and you need to let the world know that you are funny?

I knew this since the childhood only. I have always been an entertainer for the people around me, my friends, family members and all. But got the right platform and stage during my college days only.



What are you Laughter Secrets?

No secrets as such ,but yeah I would say that I am very spontaneous and witty, a little more than others.



What advice would you give new comedians just starting out?

Whatever you do make sure that you spread happiness and make people laugh. Rather than taking it as a profession, take it as a duty towards the society and the world.



Any Bollywood Dream?

Who doesn’t have? Someday, I also want to see myself on the big screen, or hosting some tv show or a reality show or some bollywood awards show.



Are you Single?

Nope. I am in a serious relationship.

ABOUT Manish Sharma


Multi-Talented and versatile Manish Sharma, is renowned in the event industry, working since 2005 with more than 2500 shows to his credit and counting.

With over a decade of successful events behind him, he continues to entertain hundreds of corporates, thousands of families and more than a million audiences. He owns the stage with his charismatic personality, impeccable communication skills and sense of humour.

He has worked with various TV channels like:

  • Aaj Tak
  • Pragya TV
  • Channel TV
  • MTV
  • News 24
  • Channel 7 (Now IBN7)