COMEDIAN Jerin Ephrem


Nick Name:-Jerin Ephrem

Performing Since:-2 years

Favourite Venue:-Canvas Laugh Club

Influencer :-Ricky Gervais , Jim Gaffigan


When did you realize that you are funny and you need to let the world know that you are funny?

I started to believe that a few years ago but I feel like the world isn’t ready for me yet.



Share any memorable event or instance?

I once performed jokes about killing babies at a kid’s birthday party of course I didn’t get paid.But performing at NIT Durgapur to a crowd of 1000 odd students was definitely one of the best nights of my life.



Have you ever been booed on stage?

No, not on stage but at a family gathering. It was mostly my mom and dad.



What advice would you give new comedians just starting out?

Don’t believe every advice a comedian gives. Just do what you believe in. (Very valuable advice given to me by another famous comedian)



What happens if people do not laugh at your jokes? & Why Laughter is important?

I judge them for being stupid…. Just kidding, I go back home and cry &  Laughter is important because it keeps us sane in a mad world.


ABOUT Jerin Ephrem


Jerin Ephrem is a 25 year old non-Dubai resident Malayali, who took up standup comedy after realizing it’s the only time people take him seriously. Currently based in Mumbai, Jerin has performed across 7 cities in India and has won multiple open mic competitions at the Canvas Laugh Club and other comedy venues in the country. He has also featured in lineups comprising of the best in the business such as  Kanan Gill, Tanma Bhatt, Aditi Mittal, Abish Mathew, Zakir Khan, Daniel Fernandes, Kunal Kamra and Sahil Shah. He has also performed at various corporate shows and colleges such as IIM, NIT, IIT and so on. Still early days in his comedy career but Jerin already claims to be the funniest guy to have come from Kerala after Sreesanth.