COMEDIAN Arpan Khosla


Nick Name:-Arpan Khosla

Performing Since:-3 years

Favourite Venue:-The Piano Man Jazz Club

Influencer :-Rahat Indori



When did you realize that you are funny and you need to let the world know that you are funny?


Since school, I loved being the funny guy in my group. Then I started writing poetry & became very philosophical. Then over the time, I realised that I can club both of them & become somewhat of a POMEDIAN ( Poet + Comedian). I started writing hasya kavitas, comical ghazals & funny street play scripts. I felt it added a different dimension to my poetry & it became an instant hit with my friends & general public. I feel winning Canvas Laugh Club after that really helped the world around me know that a blended art form like this can exist & flourish.





What are you Laughter Secrets?


Real life & Real time observations. I like to find humour in established clichés & even idioms. I feel however bad or good a situation is, the positive part is the post situation humour coming out of it. Also, being a poet, I feel more than the content or the context, an artist’s gestures or hand movements matters. For me, that’s my secret & it still needs a lot of practice every day.





Share any memorable event or instance.


So, I was a performing at a certain venue in Gurgaon. After the event, a girl came up to me & asked me if I wanted to join her for a drink. I readily agreed only to know afterwards that she was sitting with her BF & 2 other friends whom they trying to hook up. After two weeks, at the same venue, after a performance, a middle aged man asked to buy me a drink. Life is awkwardly funny you know!





What happens if people do not laugh at your jokes?


I improvise & tell them a 2 liner funny sher. Or else I tell them real humor conversations with my mom. If it still doesn’t work, I sing self written funny parodies of popular songs. Too many fallback plans you see!





Any Bollywood Dream?


Yes, I want to become a lyricist somewhere down the line. As I mentioned, I write funny parodies, spoofs & lyrical reversions of popular songs. I used to write humorous jingles also in my college street play days. I feel that majority of the current bollywood songs sell on good music & not lyrics, therefore I feel I can give a totally fresh & funny genre of lyrics to the industry which is not just humorous but also deep at the same time.


ABOUT Arpan Khosla


Arpan Khosla is a POMEDIAN ( Poet + Comedian ), Engineer & the CEO of a search engine called Rhymly.com. He has been writing for the last 10 years & has performed over 300+ live shows under the brand name of KHOSLA KA HAUSLA. He writes on the 5 deadly diseases of human life: Sutta, Sharaab, Engineering, Unemployment & One-sided love.

He performs solo shows in cafes, corporates, college fests & private parties. He has won & judged competitions at Canvas Laugh Club, IIT Delhi, NSIT, MAIT, Pearey Lal Bhawan & IGDTUW.He has also hosted & performed for various brands like Airtel, Xiaomi, Tinder, Wittyfeed, Yourquote, Nojoto, CoHo & MooDe

He’s one of the few to have staged multiple ticketed poetry shows in Delhi/NCR(all sellouts). Also, he writes funny parodies & raps for ad agencies & content marketing firms. His brand of poetry is funny, bold, rib-tickling & ready for mass entertainment.  He firmly believes in the notion that “Creativity > Vocabulary” & has a vision of sustainable monetization of poetry in India.