Chef Vikas Shirivastva


Name :-Vikas Shirivastava

Awards & Recognitions :-GOLD MEDAL in CULINARY ART - 2011 SILVER MEDAL in CULINARY ART - 2009 Recognized as THE KEY CREAFT MEN by ITC group of hotels - 2008

Favourite Drink(s) :-Masala Chai

Influences :-chef Devender Kumar, Chef Manisha Basin, Chef Gills Favre & Chef Stefan Riemer


Was there anything you thought you wanted to do before you started cooking?


In my early days while planning for my career I always wanted to be a pilot. But things kept on changing and my interest for cooking increased gradually. So my plane landed as a chef.



What is that you really enjoy about a chef’s life?


Being a chef I learn everyday something new and creative either from my colleagues or from the internet . And I also keep on trying different things each time I work.



What are your top three ingredients to cook with?


I really love working on chocolates, sugar  and marzipan.



what does good food mean to you?


Good food is not only which looks good or taste good. Good food is the one which you make from all your mental satisfaction.



What is the toughest thing you had to do in your job?


While working with ITC, MAURYA, MR. BARACK OBAMA had visited India and I had to take care of the room amenities for him. It was a very tough thing I had to decide.



Is there a culinary technique that you use in a different or unusual way?


The art of sculpting chocolates is something which I always use in an extraordinary way, because this is something which cannot be predictable at the beginning, that what will be the outcome.



What advice you would give to young Chefs just entering the Industry?


young chefs entering into the industry must have a creative way of preparing things. People now days prefer something new and innovative.

ABOUT Vikas Shirivastva



Chef Vikas started his career with Hyatt Regency New Delhi In 1996 and after that moved on to work with Radisson Hotel till 2006. Later he joined ITC Maurya as a Pastry Chef In the year 2006 and continued his service with them till 2010. Currently he is working as Sr. Executive Pastry Chef with Le Meridien Hotel New Delhi.

He represented Le Meridien New Delhi in Bangkok to attend the pastry workshop with Chef Eric Price at the pastry school MACARONS in the year 2013. Chef Vikas also represented ITC welcome group in 2011 for gulf food, Dubai, CIBUS-08 Parma Italy and also represent Le Meridien New Delhi 2017 Sigep Italy, CIBUS-2018 Parma Italy, FHA 2018 Singapore.