Chef Vaibhav Bhargava | ITC Maurya | New Delhi |


Name :-Vaibhav Bhargava

Signature Dish(es) :-Seafood Ceviche

Awards & Recognitions :-Winner of best Pan Asian restaurant in 2017 by food food awards & Won the MASTER CHEF INTERNATIONAL CUISINE AWARD in 2009 with association of PHD chamber of commerce.

Favourite Restaurant(s) :-There are many like Bukhara, Indian accent & Dakshin.

Favourite Dessert(s) :-Recently I tried Gulab ke ladoo which were very delicious made by a home Chef

Favourite Drink(s) :-Green tea


What inspired you to become a chef?

My journey into the fascinating world of food is because of my childhood memories of going to hotels on X-MAS and New Year and other occasions. While I was pursuing my B.SC., my uncle (who was working in hotel) told me why don’t you fill this hotel management form and I just filled it for fun …later I got selected in one of the top 5 Government recognized catering college “IHM CHANDIGARH” and while I was doing my kitchen training in my second year I decided to become a chef.



What is the one cuisine that you are most comfortable cooking? Enjoy the most

I love cooking Asian and Japanese cuisine but most importantly I love to do experiments with Indian cuisine.


Is there a chef you admire the most? Who and why?

Chef Rene Redzipi was an inspiration when I went to his restaurant for training and he opened my thought process as to look food from another perspective and respect your home food, culture and heritage.



Do you have any advice for someone wanting to become a chef?

Go by instinct. If you’re passionate about food, you’ll know what to do so don’t stick to any recipe blindly. Success comes with hard work and patience and there is no shortcut in life.



ABOUT Vaibhav Bhargava | ITC Maurya | New Delhi |


Currently working as the Executive Sous Chef ITC MAURYA and spearheading TIAN restaurant (Modern Asian progressive cuisine) wherein giving an innovative and contemporary touch to all classic dishes. In terms of the outreach, engaged with all key influencers in the city.

He is one of the judges at The Great India Thali Challenge hosted by Let’s Give Back Initiative Reviving Indian Tradition.

He is a proud member of Slow Food Chefs Alliance, Indian culinary forum (ICF), World Association of Chef’s societies (WACS)

His career includes training at NOMA restaurant Denmark, two Michelin star restaurants, S.Pellegrino (best restaurant in world 2011/2012) and Zuma (Abu Dhabi).

Worked with iconic restaurants in five star hotels like TKs- Hyatt and renowned stand alone like Guppy, Love hotel by ai.