Chef Raviraj Guruju |Executive Chef at Lemon Tree Premier |Pune|


Name :-Chef Raviraj Guruju

Signature Dish(es) :-It is not one dish, I would be wanting to be known for, it should be the entire experience which should make us stand apart is what I always preach.

Awards & Recognitions :-Amongst the top awardees for the GICC held in Mumbai Recognized in the Intercontinental Hotel Group for being a good trainer Recognized in the Accor Group for being an emerging leader Recognized in the Pride group for being a good finance and cost analyst.

Favourite Restaurant(s) :-“OHM” contemporary Pan Asian restaurant, Hotel Avasa in Hyderabad.

Favourite Dessert(s) :-The “Chakara Pongal” served as a Maha Prasadam at the Lord Balaji temple in Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh.

Favourite Drink(s) :-Sambharam has always been my favorite drink for the entire year, during summers it has been Falsa Juice and last but not the least the day’s first cup of “chai” made by my Better half has always been the best.


What inspired you to become a chef?

I come from a family which had both my parents working, I have always seen my father help my mother in all the household chores including cooking, surprisingly I also came to know later that it was my father who taught my mother how to cook. He always wished to be a chef and is nurturing his dream of owning a restaurant. During our younger days we always looked forward to visit a restaurant for special dinners and these had always fascinated me on how they could vent out numerous dishes in a fraction of minutes when the same things take ages to be delivered at the home front. Chefs were like Super heroes for me and this liking for them made me also become one.



What is the one cuisine that you are most comfortable cooking? Enjoy the most

Being an Executive chef, it is very important to understand all cuisines to ensure that we are top of all food trends. To envisage the needs of our world trotting guests we have to be innovative and experimenting regularly to keep them happy. Talking about being comfortable to cook something I always enjoy playing around with multiple cuisines and pairing tastes of different foods from various cuisines, however elevating Indian food to an unimaginable level has always been my focus.



When are you happiest at work?

Every individual feels happy if he/she is appreciated for their efforts, and these moments have always encouraged us to do better. Cooking for family especially for my kids and seeing them enjoy every bit of my creation (I experiment a lot of my creations with my kids) makes me the happiest.



Do you have any advice for someone wanting to become a chef?

Welcome to the Jungle, thrive to be the leader, as it is only the Lion who rules.



Which is your favorite home cooked food?

I always ensure that I have at least one meal with my family every day, that preparation, no matter how complex or simple it is, becomes the day’s best meal. However, to end my day I always ensure that I get a glass of buttermilk made by my better half and till date no matter what nobody could match the taste she has delivered.

ABOUT Raviraj Guruju |Executive Chef at Lemon Tree Premier |Pune|


Chef Raviraj guruju born and bought up all across India, and amazed by the super hero of chefs in restaurants frequented for family dinners I joined this trade to become one. He is Graduated from the Bharati Vidyapeth’s institute of hotel management and catering technology in 1997. His trade route took me across different continents from Europe to Americas to the middle east and  far east. His 22 years of learning in this sector has allowed me exposure in various hotel groups like Accor, IHG, Starwood to name a few. Heading the culinary brigade at the lemon tree premier, he is responsible for the food and beverage offering in this flagship property , curating menus for the all day dinning, speciality pan asian and the conferencing  facilities , to achieve the financial goals of the organization through innovative and varied offering in food and beverage and set the lemon tree premier as a bench mark for  the ultimate in hospitality is what is preached as a mantra at work. A good son to his parents, a goodfather to his children, a good compadre to my better half and a good chef who  cooks the heart is what he yearn.