Chef Rajeev Ranjan | Sous Chef at Hyatt Place Hampi |


Signature Dish(es) :-– Biryani, Haleem

Favourite Restaurant(s) :-Deori (Hyatt Hyderabad)

Favourite Dessert(s) :-Jalebi

Favourite Drink(s) :-Green tea with cinnamon

What inspired you to become a chef?


Food brings balance to my life, the joy of cooking for others and the platform for me to learn every day and new horizons to discover– being a chef has not only become my career but is something that best describes who I am.



What is the one cuisine that you are most comfortable cooking? Enjoy the most


I belong from a very small village Sarhan in Bihar. The rich culture, the aroma of spices and Indian food has always intrigued me and is very special to me for its nostalgic connection associated with it. I like to cook everything but I enjoy the most cooking Indian cuisine especially Hyderabadi & Bihari food.



Is there a chef you admire the most? Who and why?


I have worked with some of the great chefs of this industry and naming some whom I admire the most are Chef Amit Wadhawn, Chef Gautam, Chef Anand, Chef Avijit, Chef Javed, Chef Roshan, and my head chef here at Hyatt Place Hampi Chef Tarang Bhargava. Working under all of them I have learned one thing- We are the ones who can make Meals and Memories incredible



Do you have any advice for someone wanting to become a chef?

Focus on completing your studies; post which it is only hard work and no shortcut.


 What have been the key drivers for the success of your journey?


Some key attributes that are the key drivers for the success of my journey-a lot of hard
work, patience, honesty with work and respect and fun.

ABOUT Rajeev Ranjan | Sous Chef at Hyatt Place Hampi |



Chef Rajeev is a hotel management graduate from IHM Hyderabad. His first stint into the hotel started being an operational trainee in ISTA HYDERABAD, which was later converted to Hyatt Hyderabad. He worked there for 5 years post which he moved to the PreOpening property of Hyatt Place Hinjewadi, Pune for 2 to 3 years then moved to Hyatt place
Hampi as Sous Chef.
Chef Rajeev after joining team Hyatt Place Hampi is majorly known for constant innovations like reinventing the buffet set-ups with lively colors to brainstorming new food promotional ideas for the month. With experimental and creative thinking briefings every day, he makes sure the entire the team is up to date with all the latest trends and techniques. With always a smile on his face to
cater to personalized request for guests Chef Rajeev is a proud father of two little champs and a loving husband for his wife believes in respecting the time and respecting his work.