What inspired you to become a chef?


I had no plans to become a chef. Once I started persuing my Hotel Management studies I realized at the end of 3 years that I must become a chef if I have to ensure I keep earning for my living till my last breath because it is a skill oriented career. But now I have started enjoying not for the sake of income but for the pleasure of cooking.



What is the one cuisine that you are most comfortable cooking? Enjoy the most.


Though I am an Pastry Chef I love cooking Indian food and I thank my wife for letting me in into her Kitchen arena to hone my skills. But she still cooks better than me any day!



Is there a chef you admire the most? Who and why?

Yes there are many like Antonio Bachour, Amauri guichon, Vincent Guerlais. They are the king of the modern European Patisserie. I like the way they inspire millions of chefs to get creative, think out of the box and create something magical. They have a modern approach with a classy touch to the desserts and breads of the modern day and they love to share their passion and ideas to help many like us to become better everyday.



When are you happiest at work?

When I achieve success in creating a very tricky dessert after many trials and errors. When I see my team members succeeding in their career and when I see my company being applauded for great product and services.



Do you have any advice for someone wanting to become a chef?

It’s a great career making path. If you are creative and you think about food as just not food but a way to reach millions of hearts then go for it. Keep yourself motivated by watching some of the great chefs doing wonders on the plate. Make sure you move with the time or beyond but not behind in terms of trends. Moreover learn to be a good manager of affairs at work and at home.

ABOUT Nesar Ahmad Noorullah | Executive Chef | Bhopal Baking Company


With over 14 years in the field of baking and patisserie Chef Nesar has worked with The HHI, Kolkata, The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata, Taj Tashi, Kingdom of Bhutan, The Gateway Hotel, Bangalore, Fairmont Jaipur and Fairmont Zimbali Resort and Lodge South Africa. He started his career in stand alone patisserie segment with Dezertfox New Delhi where he did some of the finest desserts of his career with more focus on modern pre plated desserts, mini pastries and chocolates.

He is now heading the kitchen of Bhopal Baking Company – A Unit of Jehan Numa Hotels Pvt. Ltd as an Executive Chef where he will be working closely with his team of chefs to deliver the finest classical and modern European style desserts in most conventional way.