Who inspired you to become a chef?


Throughout my entire life becoming a chef was something I had always dreamt of. Those who had inspired me come from all walks of life. For motivation I looked to friends, family, and well known chefs, such as Sanjeev Kapoor . Ultimately, my most influential role model who stimulated my enthusiasm for culinary arts is my grandmother and my mother , whom I call Aaji and Mummy. Born in Konkan, Maharashtra. I was raised by my Mom. I have many fond memories of helping my grandmother make fish fry , chicken sukkha , Dhondas (Cucumber Dessert ) in preparation. The way she made it look so natural was extremely appealing to me, and I knew with hard work and practice, I too would be able to become as good a chef as her. The motivation that forced me to try harder has become something that has got me through my life so far. Growing up in a traditional old fashioned Maharastian family, food was always a main factor of my life, which was always prevalent. At every family occasion I looked forward to helping my mom and grandmother prepare meals in the kitchen. I never saw this as doing work because it was something that I loved doing. Regardless the occasion food was always something that bonded everyone at the table. Being able to help my mother prepare the dinner that brought the whole family together became my passion. My Mother and grandmother, who shares the same zeal for cooking as I, was always extremely enthusiastic when teaching me how to cook. The advice she shared with me and the excitement I felt when mastering new recipes drove my desire to learn more. The pride infused with passion was relevant in every one of her dishes. She taught me to use trust when cooking and not to second guess myself.



What is one cuisine you love cooking ? Enjoy the most .


Italian cuisine, particularly homemade pasta , grill meat  and risotto  as it offers and abundance taste and simplicity. Food from various region of Italy beyond Pizza and pasta .



Is there is chef whom you admire most and why?


The chef I admire most is still my mother. She taught me  basics of cooking and passed on her passion how to cook food from the core of your heart.



Do you have any advice for someone wanting to become a chef?


There’s a ton of time, energy and sacrifice that goes into becoming a chef. Without passion and love for cooking, the industry, and all that comes with it, it’s going to be very tough to be happy as most of your time is committed to the food and restaurant before anything else.



Who do you love cooking for the most?


I love to cook for anyone who can gather around the table. It’s truly an honor to feed others and seeing them happy.

ABOUT Meghshyam Sawal | Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai


Chef Meghshyam Sawal qualified in Food Production from Kohinoor Collage of Hotel Management have experience of more than 13 years in culinary art. He started this journey as Industrial Trainee in Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Mumbai Colaba . After the internship he started his career with Indigo Deli (Degustibus Hospitality) as Commi-III and thereon worked with following brands Intercontinental Marine Drive, Grand Hyatt Mumbai, Riti Carlton Banglore, St Regis Mumbai, Four Seasons Mumbai, Thalassa Goa and Mumbai.