Chef Sandeep Panwar – Holiday Inn (Viva)


Name :-Sandeep Panwar

Signature Dish(es) :-Hoisin Grilled Chicken

Awards & Recognitions :-Active Jury Member with TSDC under NSDC

Favourite Restaurant(s) :-Bella Italia

Favourite Dessert(s) :-Rasmalai

Favourite Drink(s) :-Shikanji


What is the one cuisine that you are most comfortable cooking and enjoy the most?

Modern International Cuisine. It gives me the freedom to explore, mix and match, understand different cooking styles, a plethora of flavors, traditions involved and much more. In all, it is learn with fun, create new and get recognized.




When are you happiest at work?

I enjoy working at the hot range along with my team members when working on a new menu, plate presentation and sharing ideas. I enjoy dishing out eggs from Live Eggs Trolley @breakfast.




What have been the key drivers for the success of your journey?

Hard work, determination, and passion for food. Initial years makes the base for the long career ahead. The never-ending love for science and experience behind food is what keeps you going.




Do you have any advice for someone wanting to become a chef?

Hard Work and positive attitude. Impatience is not the road to become a good chef.




Which is your favorite home cooked food?

I love making Achari Anda Biryani with Kachumber(with lots of young radish greens and spring onion), Tadka Dahi.



ABOUT Sandeep Panwar – Holiday Inn (Viva)


An astute professional with extensive experience (15+ years) in the hotel industry, Executive Chef Sandeep Panwar style of cooking is very much like composing music, to modern day beats and trends, as is evidenced in his menus, which feature the classics with a cross over to the noveau and the ethnic with some unlikely yet remarkable combinations.

From celebrities to regular guests, he gives his guests personal attention and serves them food they enjoy and relish. But he is not one to rest on his laurels or be satisfied with this. He says that he keeps on experimenting with menus keeping in mind the recent trends.

Sandeep was born and raised in Dehradun and graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun. His mouth-watering recipes have been regularly featured in the gourmet section of leading newspapers and magazines around the country.