Chef Kumar Sambhav |Regional Executive Chef at Lemon Tree Hotels |Hyderabad|


Name :-Chef Kumar Sambhav

Signature Dish(es) :-Grilled chicken steak on a bed of ratatouille

Awards & Recognitions :-• Awards and Recognitions: Nominated for Young Chef of The Year award for consecutively 3 times

Favourite Restaurant(s) :-Theater(KT) at Lemon Tree Premier, Hi Tech City, Hyderabad

Favourite Dessert(s) :-DoodhiKaHalwa, a signature dessert at Kebab Theater

Favourite Drink(s) :-Fresh Lime soda with chaat masala


What inspired you to become a chef?

Before joining hotel management, I had no clue what this industry of hospitality and F&B was all about. But once I joined hotel management, I fell in love with the kitchen. Thanks to my lecturers, seniors and the chefs whose dedication, knowledge, passion and creative instincts inspired me and under whose guidance I got an opportunity to learn cooking. Now I don’t think that there is a life beyond my kitchen.



What is the one cuisine that you are most comfortable cooking? Enjoy the most

I love cooking all type of cuisines that I know, but French cuisine would be my number 1, as it just focuses on simple methods and fresh ingredients. The knowledge and technique of French cooking helps in other Western cuisines as well.



When are you happiest at work?

What makes me happy at work is the grin, the smile on the faces of the guest I serve. It is the word of appreciation from them which motivates me to do better.


What have been the key drivers for the success of your journey?

I would like to attribute my success to my team who give their best and never leave any stone unturned to make our guest’s happy. They always have been my support in all the busy times and came up with fantastic ideas to deliver only the best.



Do you have any advice for someone wanting to become a chef?

Follow the basics, cook with your heart and be passionate towards the art.

ABOUT Kumar Sambhav |Regional Executive Chef at Lemon Tree Hotels |Hyderabad|


Chef Kumar Sambhav started his culinary journey with IHG as a Kitchen Executive Trainee post completing his Hotel management from India’s best college IHM-Pusa, New Delhi. Having worked with varied properties in India and abroad he has been associated with Lemon Tree Hotels as Regional Executive Chef currently based out of Hyderabad. He loves to feed his guests with food which touches their soul.