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What inspired you to become a chef?

Often, you would be getting to hear answers as – I was supposed to be everything but, chef. Then, I was lucky, from a very young age to know what I wanted to grow into. Talking about inspiration – I honestly can’t rattle my brains around to speak of a few. I can write a book may be on this. Being a Punjabi, food is ardent to us. Hence, my interest in food was always there. While growing up, my curiosity in exploring the masalas started which made me enter kitchen (even at odd hours) and open the boxes and, smell it and, then taste it. And, that was an exhilarating experience because each smell and taste was so different from the other. Then, I thought the best way to explore it further would be to cook. My journey started from there I guess.


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What is the one cuisine that you are most comfortable cooking? Enjoy the most.

For me, it’s Italian. I enjoy the simplicity the cuisine has. And it’s an all-time classic.


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When are you happiest at work?

For me the happiest time at work would be when my boys in the kitchen dish up something fabulous which is far far away from the menu. That just talks about their passion and commitment.


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What have been the key drivers for the success of your journey?

I guess, along with many, when I started my journey as a chef, it was an industry which was not really looked up to. But, my determination did not totter. I was focused about the path I have to undertake.


ABOUT Amit Gera | Hilton Embassy Bangalore

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With more than 17 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Chef Amit Gera is a man of many hats in this field. Nor does he just have an exceptional record of service and experience but, is also well appreciated in the industry for his demeanor and positive attitude towards team members and guests.

His comprehensive experience talks about menu planning, cuisine creativity, costing and interacting with guests from various walks of life. His focused and self-motivated attitude is said to be his driving force. He always ensures not just he himself but his entire team always strives for the extra mile. During his free time, he loves to spend some quality time with his two kids and cook something simple yet interesting for them. And the Punjabi parathas with Lassi is and will always be his go to food.