Genre:-Alternative Hindi Rock/Fusion

Playing Since :-5 Years

Influences :-Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, A. R. Rahman, Metallica, Iron Maiden, John Mayer, Mozart & Ghulam Ali

Favourite Venue:-AirLive, Hyderabad and Flyp@MTV, Delhi

Name of Artist/Band? (Include all band members’ names and instruments played.)

Tarkash consists of:

Parth Sharma on Vocals and Rhythm Guitars

Vibhor Hasija on Keyboards

Sidaque Singh On Drums

Manni Saini on Lead Guitars

Langmuansiam Naulak on Bass

Imran Khan on Violin

Rahul Salwan on Percussions


What does your band name mean and where did it come from?

Tarkash is a Sanskrit word which essentially is a holder of arrows. Also called a quiver in English, it is basically synonymous of the fact that we are the arrows of music and together we are Tarkash. Since everyone comes from a different musical background and has a different taste, together, we form Tarkash.


What are your influences ?

Sidaque the drummer is a total metalhead and the biggest Metallica fan. Manni is a total rock person and loves all old school 60s/70s rock including The Scorpions, The Eagles, Europe and even some guitarists such as Steve Vai and Slash (who’s literally God to him). Vibhor loves Western Classical and the likes of Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. Parth loves music from Rahman to John Mayer to Skrillex to Ghulam Ali and doesn’t believe in ‘genres’. Such is everyone’s taste, which ultimately comes to form a different sound for Tarkash.


How do you write your songs ?

We write our songs through experiences and moments mostly. Sometimes songwriting starts from a simple emotion, like feeling motivated or being attracted to something. Sometimes, our songs also tell a story and are paradoxical in nature. There’s no fixed thumb rule to writing a song. We write mostly about hope, God, nature, love and also being intoxicated in it.



Which famous Bands do you admire? Why?

We admire bands like Queen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Iron Maiden, Guns N roses, Coldplay. A lot of them, we’d have to stop. These are just a few to name…

We love them because their compositions were just splendidly beautiful and so was their sound. None of the bands we mentioned sound like one another, even though, they’re closely classified as Rock Music. That’s the beauty of a good band.

ABOUT Tarkash


TARKASH is a multi-genre band, based in New Delhi. The band was created in 2011 by 5 young men and has been getting strong ever since. The band ’Tarkash’s name, which has its roots in Devnagari script, translates to ‘Tarkash’ a basket or a container of arrows ’Tarkash’. Having a full ‘Tarkash’ was a matter of pride for the warriors. Similarly, their music is a matter of pride for these budding musicians. Tarkash has made it’s mark around the globe and has performed for their fans in Rome, Moscow, and Jordan.

PARTH SHARMA, A band’s major element is the Vocalist. Tarkash proudly possess a self- trained semi-classical singer Parth, who started his singing at the age of 6. He is one of those few vocalists who is supremely comfortable with a Sufi influenced rendition and can hold his own with a Western Pop/Rock composition

VIBHOR HASIJA, Well something that law of nature says, “ there is always a soul to which the body is attached with.” The soul of Tarkash is Vibhor.  He started with his training in the Indian Classical Music, and through the journey, he gradually became a fan of Western music. So we can always find an amalgamation of both the elements of Indian Classical as well as western music in his compositions.Vibhor, The Mr-on time Keyboardist plays a big role in adding melody to various songs and to the compositions. He is probably the spine of the band, managing things and thus binding the whole band together.

SIDAQUE SINGH DADIALA is a hardcore Metallica fan, his metal beats add another level to the environment. Not only his drum beats pulls the crowd, but also his head banging attitude on stage is a treat to watch.

MANNI SAINI  Manni is popularly identified because of his long hair. Thus his experiments lead to progressive and psychedelic music which is actually the fusion of various metal, jazz, folk, indie and soft acoustic components. With a metal backdrop, Manni is always up to new experiments with an outcome of innovative and creative tune in a union of various genres.

IMRAN KHAN Making his way to Tarkash, this renowned violinist comes from the most prominent rock band in India – Parikrama. Imran Khan is all bonkers to set a benchmark in the history of Music Industry.

He has travelled more than 35 countries performing with some of the most eminent artists of India like Farhan Akhtar and Arijit Singh.

RAHUL SALWAN Started Playing tabla at the age of 12. Rahul is a student of renowned Indian classical guru pt. Kishore Banerjee. He has shared the stage with artists like Rekha Bharadwaj, Harshdeep Kaur, Shilpa Rao, Lucky Ali, Parikrama, Indian Ocean and many more.