Band Name:-Showkeen

Genre:-Soft Bollywood/Romantic

Influences :-Sanam the band, Local train

Favourite Venue:-Marine drive Rajouri Garden (Delhi)



Name of Artist/Band?

Sidharth Arora-Showkeen the band . Includes Salman on lead guitar and Arun on percussion (Kejon and dholak).





What does your band name mean and where did it come from?

The name of the band means passionate and it came from the of love for music.





Describe your sound for someone who’s never heard you?

A three word answer for that “we spread love”.





What’s the most ‘rock star’ thing that you’ve ever done?

Pulled a girl from the audience on the stage and shared my mic with her.

ABOUT Showkeen


Sidharth Arora ‘with a single D’

A bollywood acoustic singer-songwriter known for his distinctive music style who holds the crowd with his witty humour and mesmerising unplugged music sessions.  He sings straight from his heart, which almost feels like a beautiful story being told in a deep husky voice.

With a string of live performances, in his nostalgia-inducing voice that always have the audience on its toes, sidharth has been performing in various cafes like The Lord of the Drinks, Warehouse cafe, marine drive, flying saucer and private events in Delhi and numerous other states.

To enhance the rawness characters, he has found a Band named Showkeen which has been outpouring energy with its thriving music sense by adding a distinct touch to their music and performing live regularly, that no music lover can stay away from it.