Band Name:-SHIDDAT-The Band

Genre:-Sufi and Fusion Alternative Rock

Playing Since :-4 Years

Favourite Venue:-On Hills or In Nature.


Name of Artist/Band? (Include all band members names and instruments played.)

Band Name:- Shiddat- The Band
* Lead Vocals:- Dhruv Sethi
* Lead Guitars:- Sandeep Maurya
* Keyboardist:- Shubhank Tanwar
* Flute:- Jeevan:- Thapa
* Violin Player:- Amaan Khan


What does your band name mean and where did it come from?

SHIDDAT-THE BAND is a ‘URDU’ word means divine invocation for hard work and for anything you love the most. To have achievements and satisfaction from hard work is our first goal, a determination is our first priority when we perform, So SHIDDAT is an apt word to have inspiration and motivation from BAND name.


What are your influences?

Influences are as follows:-SHIDDAT is a Sufi Rock/Fusion Band, classical music is our first priority which we are also trying to bring forward through our own creativity. We are following Artists like SHANKAR EHSAAN LOY, FUZON BAND, KK, ARIF LOHAR, ARIJIT SINGH, GREEN DAY etc. We have done a lot of Corporate events with Reputable companies like SPICE, ITELL, TATA SKY, LIONS CLUB, ROTARY CLUB OF INDIA, NOKIA, NATURE FEST etc.


How do you write your songs?

We sum up a Proper Scale n melody on Guitar n other instruments and it depends upon the feeling of chords that’s how lyrics come out from Heart and this is the only way that we make our songs.




On October 1st, 2014 is the most stupendous date when the band “Shiddat”, which holds dignity and audacity, who was introduced in their own college Ramanujan of Delhi University. Music is created with anything and everything that surrounds them. It is within their hearts to create music when it beats.

It reminds them to be humane. It gives them ample of opportunities to explore themselves the good within them, to walk on the right path without struggling in-fix. They believe that classical music is essential to establish the foundation of music, but unfortunately, it is not being given an appropriate place in this so-called modern scenario. Hence, they have put their heart and soul to bring classical music into the light it deserves.