Rock ‘N’ Raaga


Band Name:-Rock ‘N’ Raaga

Genre:-Indi Rock Band/Alternative Rock Band

Playing Since :-5 Years

Favourite Venue:-Hard Rock Cafe


Name of Artist/Band? (Include all band member’s names and instruments played.)

Band Name – Rock ‘N’ Raaga
Indraneel Sarkar – Vocals
Shravan – Lead Guitars
Sumit Shrestha – Bass Guitar
Rajat Gupta – Drummer



What does your band name mean and where did it come from?

Band Name is a mix of western and Indian music form. Basically what we do is a fusion of western genres into Indian music elements.



Describe your sound for someone who’s never heard you?

Get ready for the Head Bang. If you are striving for some Mind Blowing Hindi Desi Bolly Rock music, we are here to give that dose to you. We mix Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz to our Bollywood songs arrangements and make it interesting for the crowd.



How do you get the crowd pumped?

Through our unique arrangements of Bollywood songs, we fuse them with Rock, Pop to make it energetic and more appealing. You would surely be going to Head bang on each of our song.



Tell us anything else that you would like people to know about you?

Just Come over to any of the places that we are performing and our music will tell you the rest of the story about the band and band members.


ABOUT Rock ‘N’ Raaga

Rock ‘N’ Raaga came together as a team in 2013 when they felt the need to revive those good old Indie pop days. The idea was to fuse different music styles into Bollywood songs to make it interesting for the people to listen. They started this concept called Bollyrock music, and within a time of 3-4 months started getting good response from the audience.

This is they really wanted from long time. They knew the time has began , lets make it large. They started fusing different genres of music, making their own sound to each and every arrangement that they make.

They try to experiment different genres into their arrangements, they are highly influenced by Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz Music. Which can be heard in their arrangements. Thats the whole idea of Rock ‘N’ Raaga.