P.A.G.E | Delhi


Band Name:-P.A.G.E (Peace After Great Extinction)

Genre:-Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Bollywood, Sufi, etc

Playing Since :-2017

Influences :-Pink Floyd, Queen, Metallica, Deep Purple, etc

Favourite Venue:-College concerts, five-star hotels


Who all are the part of your Band?

Band members –
Drums – Sachin Bhatt
Vocals – Ash Daniel
lead Guitarist- Praver Vats
Bassist – Gandharv Agrawal



What does your band name mean and where did it come from?

Our Band Name is P.A.G.E which means (Peace After Great Extinction) which means the music which we play heals the soul of the People, our music is kind of different which can enhance the lyrics much well, and because of these such genres that makes the band A Peace After Great Extinction.



How do you write your songs?

Currently, we do cover songs and working on our own albums.



Which famous Bands do you admire? Why?

Famous brand from which we admire are: Metallica, Pink Floyd, queen, etc



Do you have a specialty?

We are a band which plays western and Indian songs as well.

ABOUT P.A.G.E | Delhi


P.A.G.E is a Multi-genre band who plays different genres, P.A.G.E plays mostly rock, and heavy metal songs and do western and Bollywood genres also and P.A.G.E has been playing professionally for last 2 years almost and having a great response around the nation, this band have played in various known music festivals, many college festivals, clubs, 5-star hotel and other venues etc.

Band members:

Sachin Bhatt- Drummer and founder of the band

Ash Daniel – vocalist

Praver Vats- Lead Guitarist

Gandharv Agrawal – Bassist