Band Name:-Motherjane

Genre:-Ethnic progressive rock

Playing Since :-1996



 What does your band name mean and where did it come from?

We needed to name the band quickly and a friend who was present with the band at the time suggested Motherjane. Maybe he meant to say Mary Jane but Motherjane sounded good to us and it stuck.





How do you write your songs?

One of us makes up a tune or a groove, we work on it and take it from there. We record the tune or groove and each one of us adds our bit to it. The faster the basic core is created, the better. One of our hits, mindstreet, was done in under 30 mins.





Describe your sound for someone who’s never heard you?

The sound is progressive rock that’s a touch Indian. Well that depends really. Sometimes we ooze Indian-ness and sometimes its not so pronounced.





How do you get the crowd pumped?

We don’t have a formula for it. We play to the best of our ability and usually the crowd reacts. Positively so far… thank you Universe.



ABOUT Motherjane


MOTHERJANE’s music can be best classified as Ethnic progressive rock, fusing sounds from the vast sound escapes of India. Their album, Insane Biography, released in 2002, is regarded as one of the most influential records in Indian rock till date. Their second album, Maktub, released in 2008, clearly caught the attention of the music industry and gave a clear niche to the band.


The band has toured extensively both within and beyond the country, the main international tours being in countries Indonesia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka and UAE. Motherjane was named “Best International Rock Act” at the Asian Voice Independent Music Awards 2009 (AVIMA) in Malaysia, the largest Independent music awards in the world. Rock Street Journal declared Motherjane as “The No.1 Indian Band of the Decade”.

Rolling Stone magazine rated Motherjane’s “Maktub” as the No.1 Indian album of 2008–09 Rock Street Journal named Motherjane “Band of the Year” & “Maktub” as album of the year in 2009.

John Thomas was awarded Best Drummer at Jack Daniels Rock Awards (2009).


Motherjane opened for Megadeth and Machinehead at Rock In India 2008. Regarded by many as the band of the day, Motherjane rocked the 30000+ crowd with their distinctive style and performance.

Motherjane shared the stage with Opeth at India’s largest and most prestigious college festival to a delirious 10000+ crowd.


Motherjane was honored as India’s first endorsee of Harman Pro, the world leader in professional sound equipment. Motherjane’s album “Insane biography” was featured on Rock Street Journal’s Top 10 Indian Albums Ever. Motherjane’s song “Soul corporations” from Insane Biography was featured on a compilation album, GekiTeki metal (M&I records 2004). Motherjane is the 􀏔irst among three Asian bands to be featured.  Motherjane songs from “Insane Biography” got airplay on 14 US & 5 Mexican Radio stations, generating a growing global fan base.


From 1996-2017, Motherjane has performed professionally at over 600 shows to live audiences of over 1,000,000 people.

In 2012 October, Motherjane did a concert tour of Ukraine and played live at major cities. Mother jane opened for Mr.Big at the festival Java Rockingland, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2008. Other international acts

featured at the festival wereVertical Horizon and Third Eye Blind.