Mh43 India


Band Name:-Mh43 India

Genre:-Punk Rock

Playing Since :-3 Years

Favourite Venue:-This is a tough one... There are many.


Name of Artist/Band? (Including all band members names and instruments played.)

Mh43 India

Keyoor K (kkay) – Vocals

Kailas Pujari – Backing Vocals

Anirvan Bhattacharya – Rhythm Guitar

Rishikesh Dharap – Lead guitarist

Kamal Soni – Bass

Jay Ram (J) – Drums

What does your band name mean and where did it come from?

Mh43 Is the RTO code for Navi-Mumbai and we along from several parts of Navi Mumbai. 3 years back the band took part in a Rock Band Competition which also happened to be our 1st gig. Renowned Music Director Mr. Anu Malik was the chief guest and Judge for the Competition. Overwhelmed by our performance he came on stage and performed several of his songs with us. His words, “Never stop performing & never forget where you come from.”

This laid the foundation of the idea behind naming the Band MH43 India.

What are your influences?

Life , happiness and the society we live in various ways inspires us to do what we do. We specifically cover old Hindi Bollywood music as we felt it had a lot of meaningful lyrics and sweet melodies , thanks to our parents we have been listening to such amazing music since childhood. Our original music is purely based on society and day to day experiences.

What’s the most ‘rock star’ thing that you’ve ever done?

Although we rate ourselves as the most common people you have ever come across , we believe there is a hero rock star in every person. the craziest we remember is our vocalist had once injured his knee while performing , but that didn’t stop him from performing, he continued to perform. Before the big knee surgery he went through in June 2017 , he had broken his knee ligament 11 times on stage while performing but never stopped never cancelled on any gig. it took him just 20 days to stand up and start performing again ,this one thing has always been the reason for all of us to give our best in all walks of life. Apart from this  some stage dives , gate crashing shows in the past, singing about and mocking social evils has been done a lot of times.

Which famous bands/artists do you admire?

KKay – Blink 182, Sum41, Sooraj Jagan, Kishore Kumar, RD Burman and the evergreen Bappi Lahiri.

Kailas – Indian Classical Music, Bollywood rock.

Anirvan – AR Rahman, Coldplay.

Rishi – Megadeath, Opeth, Eminem, RD Burman.

J- Chet Baker, Miles Davis, King Crimson, AR Rahman, Sonu Nigam.


ABOUT Mh43 India


Mh43 India, since past three years has successfully emerged as the most entertaining act of India with over 250 shows in their kitty. Their music caters to all age groups. Punk rock and new age experimental remixes of retro Bollywood evergreen hits have always been to their success. They are among very few bands in India that have been associated with all major brands and music festivals.

This music and performance based act has been to various parts of India. They have also delivered a class apart TedX event last year, followed by a two-hour nonstop heart thumping performance. Happy vibes and tight musicality is their motto. This 6 piece punk rock setup will make you groove and dance to their moves. Watch out for them .. they will drive you crazy every moment.