Meghdhanush | Ahmedabad


Band Name:-Meghdhanush

Genre:-Fusion Rock

Playing Since :-2009


Name of Artist/Band?

Band Name: Meghdhanush

Band Members

Jainam Modi – Bass Guitar, Vocals

Karan Patel – Lead Guitar, Vocals

Ishrat Kalavant – Vocals

Priyesh Mehta – Drums, Percussions, Backing Vocals

IssacChristain – Lead Guitar


What does your band name mean and where did it come from?

Flashback to 2009 when we participated in a competition wherein, we were supposed to perform original tracks, we noticed that our music was too colorful like a rainbow, we didn’t fit in one genre and that’s where we all settled for Meghdhanush which means rainbow.



Describe your sound for someone who’s never heard you?

Rock is the central theme of our songs but we love adding folk to rock songs as well. Even if we experiment with different kinds of music but rock and folk will still be the main themes of our song because that’s what we love performing.



Which famous Bands do you admire? Why?

We admire the Indian Ocean, Agnee, Guns and Roses, and Queen. We have basically grown up listening to them and they have been an inspiration to create Rock Fusions. We consider ourselves lucky as we have got to work with Rahul Ram from the Indian Ocean on one of our songs ‘Le Lee’ he has been kind to us by featuring in the video too.



What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

“Keep your goals clear, focus on what you do, learn to face the consequences and be committed to what you do” is what we learned in all these years and it has actually helped us grow in all the best ways possible.

ABOUT Meghdhanush | Ahmedabad


Meghdhanush is an Indian Fusion-Rock band formed in Ahmedabad in December 2009, who are widely recognized for their Hindi & Gujarati Fusions and unique covers. They are one of Gujarat’s foremost band, a band led by Jainam Modi and Karan Patel. Their signature lines in a contemporary yet rooted sound which connects with the youth and the old.


Meghdhanush (meaning: Rainbow in Hindi), the name Meghdhanush describes theirs style of experimenting with different genres of music as they believe that different colors of the rainbow represent different emotions, their music does the same.


The band is known for unique cover songs released as singles such as “Shaktiman” (Title Track of the Famous Hindi TV Series of the 90s on Doordarshan) and “Lollipop” (Famous Bhojpuri Song). It released its debut album “Mijlas” in 2017 and its acclaimed EP “Folk Rang by Meghdhanush” in 2018.