Band Name:-Indo Fuzon

Genre:-Sufi Rock, Indi Pop

Playing Since :-4 years


Name of Artist/Band? (Include all band members names and instruments played).

Name of the Band: Indo Fuzon
Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar: Suraj Verma
Second Vocals / Acoustic Guitar: Sanjay Verma
Lead Guitar: Paras Roriyal
Bass Guitar: Ankit Rawat
Percussion: Rajeev Kori
Drums: Vishal Mehta (EUPHORIA Drummer)
Manager: Abhishek Pratap Singh



What does your band name mean and where did it come from?

The name Indo Fuzon is basically a collaboration of Indian Music with Fusion, so it can be a classical music or folk music or for that matter any bollywood song, we want to present it in our own style, the FUZON way. And also the name is inspired by a Pakistani band named Fuzon.


How do you write your songs ?

It’s a very difficult question, because there is no single answer to it, as we have different varieties of songs, some are inspired by day to day life experiences and some are made because of some musical experiments and sometimes it’s the feel of the moment.



How do you get the crowd pumped ?

Depending on the venue, there is a proper structured performance that is being choreographed for every person of the band, not only just the person on stage but also the team behind them.



What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

For the starters, its always important to practice hard, have faith in yourself and learn from your mistakes.



What’s the most ‘rock star’ thing that you’ve ever done?

Performing in Mauritius in front of a huge crowd to raise funds for underprivileged kids.





Two brothers, Suraj and Sanjay Verma, formed Indo Fuzon in 2013 at Chandigarh. Suraj has been in the Top 30 in Indian Idol 2012 and Sanjay is an all-rounder as he has been a Vocalist, a Guitarist, a drummer and even the bassist of the Band. Initially they started as a duo Setup but soon realized that the future of the band is something else.

After collaborating with many artist they finally realized that, the band is heading in the right direction. In 2015, Paras Roriyal joined the band as the lead Guitarist and gave a new dimension to the sound and soon after him; Rajeev Kori became the newest member as the Percussionist and gave depth to the Indian classical and folk section. By this, time the band became THE HOT THING in Chandigarh, and then the band got a Manager, Abhishek Pratap Singh.

In 2016, Band moved to Delhi and hung the flag of their success. In 2017, after collaborating with many artist the band finally got their bassist by the name of Ankit Rawat. In addition, later that year, the band has collaborated with Vishal Mehta (drummer of Euphoria) as Well. 2017 has also been very important for the band as they have recorded their first song at Yashraj Studios Mumbai, and soon will be Releasing the video of the song as well.