Band Name:-Astitva

Genre:-Multi Genre

Playing Since :-10 Years

Influences :-U2, Guns N Roses, Coldplay & A R Rahman.

Favourite Venue:-Central Park , CP Delhi.


Name of Artist/Band? (Include all band members names and instruments played.)

Salman Khan Niazi – Vocalist
Zaman Khan – Guitarist
Ayush Gupta – Drummer and Percussionist
Amit James – Bassist



What does your band name mean and where did it come from?

EXISTENCE is the true meaning of ASTITVA , it’s a Sanskrit word. We named the band ASTITVA because we wanted to create our own individuality, our own identity , our own existence in the world of music.



How do you write your songs?

Well life inspires us so much in so many ways, so what all experiences life gave us good or bad , we just tend to write about it. Its pretty normal. We just pen down all our emotions and love singing about it.


What’s the most ‘rock star’ thing that you’ve ever done?

Made Mr. Shahrukh Khan , the king of Bollywood, dance to our tunes.



Astitva is a Multi Genre Hindi band based in New Delhi, India. The Band “Astitva” insists on setting  feelings above mere technique and creating an individualistic genre of mold breaking music. Born out of diverse western pop/rock and Hindustani Classical influences, Astitva started in 2007. to give birth to a serious cutting-edge band, Blending deeply meditative ragas with rock and jazz with a hint of URDU POETRY. Astitva encompasses hybrid styles of exquisite melodies and everlasting pop/rock instrumentation, hence carving out a special sound and considering their music as a labour of love as well as a message of hope to all. The compositions of Astitva are composed in such a way that a common man can relate to. Every song is different from each other and each song brings out a different emotion, and most of the songs have an entire story wrapped in them.

Members :

Salman Khan – Vocals

Zaman Khan – Guitar

Amit James – Bassist

Ayush Gupta – Drums And Percussions