Arjun and the Teenage Men


Band Name:-Arjun & the Teenage Men


Playing Since :-2015

Influences :-Ed Sheeran, Pain of Salvation, Michael Jackson, Adele & RJD

Favourite Venue:-Bluefrog Mumbai (now shut down).


Name of Artist/Band?


Arjun Dhanraj – Vocals / Guitars / Composer
Roop Thomas – Bass / Backing Vocals
Vigneshkumar Venkatraman – Guitars / Backing Vocals
Mayank Sharma – Drums / Percussions



What does your band name mean and where did it come from?

Band name came from a fun brainstorming session. We’re a bunch of fun loving guys, and we love to look at the funny side of things. Arjun & the Teenage Men abbreviates to ATM, so we hope to get some money as
well 🙂



What are your influences?

We love good music. It doesn’t have to be genre specific, or language specific, but a good song does wonders! Our influences range from artists like Michael Jackson to Meshuggah and everything in between.



How do you write your songs?

Arjun (our singer/songwriter) usually comes up with some catchy melodies, which he then brings to the band. Together we ideate and create counter melodies/rhythmic patterns, and end up with something
groovy and melodic. The idea of a good song, is something that people can recall and sing along to. All ATM songs strive to have that affect.



How do you get the crowd pumped?

Encourage them to keep drinking ;). Arjun has been a frontman for about 18 years now. He has always been comfortable with crowds, and tends to be himself on stage. When you make the audience members feel like a part of the show (and not alienate them), they tend to enjoy it more, because the feel involved.

ABOUT Arjun and the Teenage Men


ATM was formed early in 2015, when Arjun Dhanraj (of NerveRek), and Roop Thomas (of Blakc) decided to form a commercial cover-band, where they would play popular Pop & Rock covers at corporate shows and big wedding gigs.

They needed another guitar player and a drummer. Vignesh “Viggie” Venkatraman was the obvious choice for guitars, with his strong theory background, his class guitar chops, brilliant melodic sense and his powerful backing vocals, there was no turning back. The trio did acoustic renditions of popular songs and also worked on some of Arjun’s acoustic songs. They worked with a couple of drummers, and started getting good responses for their originals, which they squeezed into their setlist.

The band soon decided to launch a 6 song EP, for which ‘Blakc’ drummer Varun Sood tracked drums. Soon after this, Roop learnt that Mayank Sharma (of Zygnema) has decided to try his hand out at Poprock. ATM finally found their true drummer! They also realised that as much as people love hearing their renditions of covers, they seem to like their originals as much. The band has since written many more songs and can’t wait to hit the studio for a full length album release.