What is your inspiration behind choosing writing as a career?


I had been an avid reader since my teens. I also got a hang of writing short stories and poems during this time. My then English teacher Ms. Sudha Sharma inspired me to write. She believed in my writings and motivated me to be at my creative best. Writing became a core part of me. And thus began my journey and struggle to find my place as a writer in the bigger scheme of life.


Tell us something about your books?


My First book ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ is an e-book on Kindle.

‘Pearls of Wisdom’ is a mother’s journey, expressed with simplicity, for her little girl to help her make better choices. It is a guide, a reminder for every girl to become self-reliant, to know self-worth, and to avoid pitfalls her mother could not in similar situations. To date, I rely on my mother’s experience whenever I get stuck in life. I firmly believe, no matter how old she may be, sometimes a girl just needs her mother and her pearls of wisdom.

My Second book ‘ मन तृष्णा ‘ is a collection of poems about life, people and relationships.


What were the challenges you came across while writing your first book?


The biggest challenge I felt while writing my first book was ‘what if my idea isn’t good enough…what if no one likes it…’ I had the plan worked out. There was ample time to write my thoughts on the paper without being disturbed. But when I finished the first draft and it was time to edit I was in a dilemma – to go with working on the book further or to drop it where it was. Nevertheless, I went ahead. It was time to face my fears to begin my author’s journey.



Do you believe in a writer’s block?


We have days we are overflowing with ideas to write. And then, there are rainy days too. You sit for hours, and stare blankly at your laptop screen trying to figure out ‘what to write?’ You feel blocked to fill gaps in your writing. Writer’s block, for me, seems legit. It is there, whether its the fear of writing a particular piece/scene or it is the struggle to write something new. That is the time when I focus on reading. I plan a shopping date with my girlfriends or go for a drive. Forcing yourself to write will produce depressing garbage on the papers.



What is your message to the aspiring writers?

Find out your favorite genre, and then read, read as much as you can. And then write whenever you can. But still, never stop reading. It will help you to choose your style of writing.


ABOUT Prachi Sachdev


Author. Poetess. Fashion Blogger. Amateur Photographer.

These are a few things that she loves to be known while making writing her foremost career. She is the author of books ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ and ‘मन तृष्णा’- a collection of Hindi poems.

An avid reader, an enthusiast traveler and a hippie at heart, Prachi loves to write poetry and short stories. And, yes she blogs. She is the Founder of blog site www.justbeingme.in where she shares her experiences on parenting, relationship, travel and truly inspirational stories of ordinary people. She is a contributor to Momspresso.com, SocialKids.ca, NewageWellnessWorld.com, BudgetWayfarers.com, BudingStar.com

Prachi is also a Web Content Writer and Social Media Strategist working with writing content for literature festivals, balloon/DJ studio, and other creative websites. She started her career as a graphic designer and has also been trained in mixed media art by a professionally trained BBC award winner artist from Delhi.

She firmly believes in the quote “The Time is Now or Never”.