Pankaj Dubey


Author Name:-Pankaj Dubey

Genre:-Romantic Satire

Influences :-Various people at different times but without any permanence.

Favourite Books:-1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho 2. The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk, 3. Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh 4. Thanda Gosht (Cold Meat) by Saadat Hasan Manto


What is your inspiration behind choosing writing as a career?

I realised this quite early in life that ‘storytelling’ is my true calling. I consider writing as one of the significant forms to reach out to the maximum people. Writing gives you the liberty to express your imagination in the manner you like most. This is something you are in control of and you hardly find external interferences in creating interesting characters to keep the narratives flow.



Tell us something about your books?

I have penned down three Penguin Bestselling Titles so far. The latest work ‘Love Curry’ is set in London and deals with the conflict of identity of Indian Diaspora in the UK. It also has an interesting discourse around a hypothetical reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The term ‘Curry’, like ‘Desi’ is quite popularly used to address South Asians in England. My other titles are ‘What A Loser!’ And ‘Ishqiyapa: To Hell with Love’. Both these titles have done wonders to give me a reasonable recognition in the ‘Storytelling landscape in India.’



What were the challenges you came across while writing your first book?

The initial challenge was to decide on the route to be taken in order to reach out to the exact target readers of the kind of content I intended to write. Things, more or less, started falling in place once that was clear.



Do you believe in a writer’s block?

No, I don’t. I think ‘Writer’s block’ is another term for being lazy and unwilling. I plan all my writings a day before and make pointers before I crash. When I don’t have to write anything new I try to improvise upon my previous writings as I strongly believe in the idea that the only way to write good is to ‘rewrite’.



What is your message to the aspiring writers?

Just go for it. You can’t write better unless you start the process of writing and rewriting.

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ABOUT Pankaj Dubey



Pankaj Dubey is a  Penguin Bestselling Bilingual novelist and filmmaker. All his novels, Love Curry, Ishqiyapa- To Hell With Love and What A Loser! have been published in Hindi and English. He has been a journalist with the BBC World Service in London. He was selected for the prestigious Writers’ Residency in the Seoul Art Space, South Korea amongst three novelists from Asia in 2016.

Pankaj Dubey has recently made his Directorial Debut with a short fiction, Maratha Mandir Cinema starring Sarika and Swanand Kirkire that made it to the final nominations of Filmfare Awards recently and to the Cannes Film Festival’2018.