How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

Looking back at the first novel, I feel I can dissect it apart because there was too much going on within those three hundred pages. It was after that got released, I realized I could instead write just all one ounce of human emotion, and that carefully spread it across five pages.

How many hours a day do you write? What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

The writing is the best when I wake up at 5am. On a good day, it is two hours. But they are rare, so I average only 40 minutes of writing. And in that, only one page would be worth saving.

Is writing your profession or just a hobby?

I’d say neither. I’m a doctor by profession, and hobbies include things like working out. But writing is more of an addiction, something I can’t live without.

Do you believe in writer’s block? Have you ever gotten reader’s block?

Not really, I’ve never faced writer’s block. But reader’s block, yes, a hundred percent, every two pages atleast.

Any piece of advice you want to share with anyone who has been wanting to write/publish their own book? 

Wake up at 5am and sit in front of the keyboard, write for two months. Then take a one week break. Finally, wake up at 5am and sit in front of the keyboard, and rewrite for the next three months.

Quick Fire Questions

  • Favorite Author Inspiration: Sidney Sheldon. The way he grips the reader from start until finish is beyond understanding.
  • Favorite Childhood Book: I didn’t read much as a child, the only thing I did read was the Harry Potter franchise. And I don’t think I need to explain how big of an impact that created.
  • Longhand or Typing: My handwriting is terrible. Every family member, friend and teacher can vouch for that.
  • What comes first – Character or Plot: Plot. For me, always plot.
  • Favorite Quote: There are too many to choose from, so I’m going to give my favorite two.
    “Sometimes, it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine” by Alan Turing. I heard it in the movie based on him which is ‘The Imitation game.’
    Second would be “I must be the greatest. I shook up the world. I shook up the world” by Muhammad Ali

ABOUT Author Interview| An Affliction of Orchids by Ashwath Sezhian

He is a twenty three year old doctor based in Chennai, India and He first started writing when He was nineteen, in his third year of medical college. From there, He began reading poetry,and plays, and paid attention to the dialogues in cinema and other novels. He has an instagram handle called ‘Brokenballads’ with just over 35,000 followers, where He continues to write about heartache, refugees, humanity and sometimes, a bit of horror and fantasy.

Apart from the writing and medicine, He is a movie and football fanatic. Movies include any genre, from the genius that is Mani Ratnam sir, to the icon that is Martin Scoresse, He watches a lot of films and He feels that is where he subconsciously derive most of his character arcs. Game of Thrones also played a massive impact on him, for both research and entertainment purposes.