Tik-Tok Artist Tanisha Gaurav


Name:-Tanisha Gaurav

Class:-Lifestyle and Speaking


What do you see yourself as 10 years from now?

In the coming 10 years, I see myself as an inspiration for others and an inspiring model or an inspiring speaker. As I’m confident enough to tell everyone about my lifestyle I would love to inspire them and I would love to make them realise that they are nothing less than a model.




Do you have an idol or someone you want to be like?

My inspiration is my father and my mother my parents are everything to me I love them and I inspire myself from them as they have given me such a great lifestyle and I would like to give my children the same lifestyle or better.




What advice would you give to the people who are camera conscious?

The only advice I can give to shy people is that just be confidence tell yourself that you’re beautiful to look yourself in the mirror talk to yourself then you will be able to talk to everyone out there.




If not a Tik-Tok artist, then what would you aspire to be?

If not a Tik-Tok artist I would aspire to be an army person because I love the army and I love what they do for us and I respect them.




Is there any particular artist you dream to work with?

I dream to work with everyone who brought smile to other people cause hey everyone deserves to smile and us entertainer just make it easy for them or give them a reason too.



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