The Style Dweller by Vitrag Mehta


Name:-The Style Dweller by Vitrag Mehta

Class:-Fashion Styling.

Since :-3 years

Influences :-Fashion / Lifestyle



Your favorite fashion Icon?

My favorite fashion icon is none other than Mariano Di Vaio.




What is the Story Behind your Blog Name?

I’ve always been a fashion enthusiast from my childhood and loved to experiment with my style on every segment. So I wanted to give my blog name as of my personality, the one who always lives in style. So the style dweller means the one who lives in style.



What would you say is the biggest challenge about Fashion Blogging?

The biggest challenge about fashion blogging is to create the great contents on every context, the more quality content you create the more audience and brand would expect from you. And that’s the prime pressure to stand on their expectations.



Describe your Fashion Style in one word.

I call my fashion style as TSD Style



Any Advice to your followers?

My advice to my followers is you’re all here with a different purpose, these days everyone wants to be a blogger/ model / actor. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. As shining a future of fashion bloggers seems are actually not. You need to love your work and need to take your work as your religion, that’s how it works. You’re all expert in your own Field. You just need to find yourself. So keep finding keep failing to fail harder until to get your track and work on it flawlessly.



ABOUT The Style Dweller by Vitrag Mehta


This is Vitrag Mehta. Founder of a Fashion and Lifestyle blog based in India known as THE STYLE DWELLER. It’s his passion to flaunt his style and give the best style statement to his fashion enthusiast audience !