Randhir Tiwari | Chef, Concept & Menu Developer | New Delhi |


Name:-Randhir Tiwari

Influences :-Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Saurav Nath, Chef Jamie Oliver & Chef Atul Kochar

Favourite Restaurant(s):-La Piazza & TKs of Hyatt Regency Delhi and The Kebab Factory Radisson Hotel


What inspired you to become a chef?

Since childhood I had interest in cooking, first I learned how to make veg.sandwich in school when I was in 1st standard. That is how I started pursuing my dream.



How do you manage to control your taste buds and eating while cooking?

Its a skill itself, first you need to know the most authentic taste of the dish ,you save it in your brain forever & keep repeating that dish with same quality & taste all the time.You taste to make sure that the dish is perfect & exactly the way you wanted. Untill you are not 100 % sure about the taste,texture ,Color & consistency of the dish you cant serve it.



What makes you different from other Chefs?

My style of cooking revolves around the authentic recipe & taste presenting in easy modern way.



Describe Your Journey So far.

I started learning from best chefs of the Industry of my time in Top 5 star Hotel of Delhi in year 1998, Hyatt Regency. I covered all most all the sections of Kitchen from Garde Manger to Bakery to Butchery to specialty restaurants. Started from basics of kitchen, worked 14-16 hours a day without a break. So I give credit to HYATT REGENCY Delhi for teaching all my basics & doing it in right professional way.



Your Take on food habits of people in India.

People in India are more conscious about their eating habits now, they are open for all kind of cuisines and are experimental with food now. So demand of having health food & variations of taste & presentation is really increasing & changing dimensions of F&B business  in India Now.

ABOUT Randhir Tiwari | Chef, Concept & Menu Developer | New Delhi |


Randhir Tiwari is One of the most critically acclaimed chef in Delhi NCR region now. Randhir was the first chef to receive a huge success in displaying Indian culinary art in INDO FEST, Held in port of Spain (Caribbean islands)Australia (Sydney) & in Fiji islands in year 2005 after starting his career in year 1998 from HYATT REGENCY Delhi as an apprentice Cook, where he was announced most innovative Cook & where he covered all the specialty outlets like La Piazza (Italian), Djinns (Nightclub with Mediterranean food),TK’S (Oriental Teppanyaki Grill), Delhi ka Aangan (Indian Awadhi), along with Bakery, Garde Manger, to gain a vast knowledge of world cuisine.

In Year 2000 graduating from Delhi University Dyal Singh college. Chef Randhir Tiwari Completed his Masters degree in Hotel Management in year 2006 from IME Delhi. Randhir worked as a commis chef in one of the famous five star hotel The Ashoka after Hyatt Regency, supervising and raising the standards in the kitchen. In 2002 Randhir moved to the fine dining restaurants & lounges & bars in Delhi & NCR to display & explore more in cooking world. One of the best ventures he was involved in was, FLAVOURS OF ITALY, The Supper Factory, Crave Kitchen Lounge Bar, Ice Lounge & Bollywood Lounge ( Europe ).