Nikita Verma


Name:-Nikita Verma

Class:-- Latest Fashion Trends, Lifestyle, Spirituality & Travel

Since :-1 year

Influences :-Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish malhotra ,Sandy Powell and Sarah Burton

Favourite:-The Beach, East Coast Road, Chennai

Describe your Fashion Style in one word?

“Be Yourself” – My blog says that too , if you are not happy or comfortable then it’s not meant for you. Even if you try and copy the fashion icon but you are not comfortable you won’t look and feel your best, hence I believe to be yourself and wear what makes you happy and comfortable, that is fashion for an individual.


In Bollywood, according to you who is a true Fashion Icon?

I love how Sonam Kapoor carries herself , she is a flop at times but majority of time she pull off everything and anything really well. The best thing I like about her is she thinks out of box while experimenting because she knows her Pros & Cons well in terms of fashion.


Favourite Fashion Designer Indian / International?

Indian designer I love Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Manish Malhotra ….International Designer – Sandy Powell and Sarah Burton.


 Any Advice to your followers?

First of all thank you so much for all the love and just remember we all have our own way of depicting style/fashion. We don’t have to be or look like someone to show that we are trendy or a fashionista. Fashion is what defines you and comforts you. I am not saying don’t follow or have a fashion icon, but always remember the style you can carry is not always meant for another person, so always be happy and comfy in your own skin and style.



 Your Favorite Cuisine?

I am a big foodie, and I have to control a lot, I am sure it’s a problem with many, I love to experiment and try different kind of Cuisines but my personal favorite is Italian and second best Punjabi food.





ABOUT Nikita Verma


Niki Verma, Born and brought up in Kuwait her heart was always in India, Her roots are from Chandigarh , Currently settled in Chennai. She is a happy go lucky person, MBA – HR by profession (SCMHRD batch of 2011), She owns a Women fashion brand LACIRA (www.lacira.com), and she loves to dress up like all girls out there 🙂

Her passion and love towards fashion pulled her towards the fashion industry worked for 3-4 year as an merchandiser in the leading industry in Kuwait for a UK brand names COAST, soon after she moved done to south she launched her brand LACIRA – Women fashion brand, it focus more on handbags/Jewels, soon after that she  just wanted to reach out to many and share her thoughts about fashion and how to experiment with fashion – the right way and all this was only possible through blogging.

She says, believe in yourself, as nothing is impossible in this world. The fashion mantra she follows is BE YOURSELF. There is no right or wrong in fashion unless you are not comfortable in what you wearing. Always remember FASHION says “ME TOO” ,STYLE says “ONLY ME”. So set your own style statement.

Hope you guys like reading her stories. She would love to hear from you too, leave your comments or write to her at nikita@lacira.com 😉