Favourite Restaurant in Pune by Bombay food blogger


Name: Ayush Dolani

About: Bombay Food Blogger, owned and created by AyushDolani, he is the person who loves food. Obviously, it’s a common thing to know that a person who blogs about food will definitely love food but comparing with food he loves photography more. Capturing the right moment is certainly what he believe in.

This art of Photography has led him towards the food styling and Food Photography. At the start, he used to click normal pictures with no sign of food styling. It just got the food, click it and eats it. Now it’s like Get the food, take many attempts till you get the best shot and eat it after the food gets cold. But this journey of food has created a lot of Impact on his Life. And will eventually create more different and unique content.

Name of Resturant: Hitchki

City: Mumbai

Address: G5, Transocean house, Lake Boulevard Rd. Hiranandani Business Park Powai,, Near Kaya skin clinic, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076.



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