Bhukka Jatt by Vidur | Delhi |



Class:-Street Food/ Indian food

Since :-2015

Favourite:-North Indian (Aloo parathe & Chole Bhature)

What is the story behind your blog’s name?


It all started with a conversation over coffee. I was sitting with a close friend who is also a well-known food & lifestyle blogger named Amar Sirohi ( Page- foodie_incarnate) and were discussing the page names. The previous name of my page was Vidu_bonvivieur which somewhere lacked linkages with the Indian context. Many bloggers and Instagrammers thought that I promote western food or belong to any other Country which was not the case. Then after discussing the same concern with my friend, we came across this name called BHOOKAJAAT. The name defines my identity through my community as a “Jaat” and trusts me a Jaat is always hungry means a good appetite.


Why did you decide/inspired to start a food blog?


I always had a love for food. Being from a Jaat family, the exposure I had of authentic North Indian food at an early age, always tempts me to try out all the other delicacies too. After my studies, I worked for my restaurant and started a café in Gurgaon. Being in the same business of restaurants, I also received invitations from restaurants and people started knowing me well.

Simultaneously, I started meeting different bloggers, visiting different restaurants and enjoyed clicking pictures.  Gradually I moved towards blogging but that connection for food was there since the very beginning.



What’s your blog about? Who reads it? How long have you been blogging?


As I mentioned above I love exploring food. Wherever I go I see the specialty of that particular place and tries out the food which includes different streets varieties, restaurants or even homemade delicacies. The food on my page addresses people from middle or lower middle classes who can visit simple restaurants or streets to eat different delicacies. But yes sometimes there are some porch restaurants to in the feed yet 90% of the feed is about reasonably priced dishes or home-cooked meals.  It’s been some 2 to 3 years approx since I have started blogging.




What do you think food blogging will look like in 5 years?


 As our Country is moving from developing towards a developed nation, I can see this food blogging as a proper profession.  I highly believe in “doing what you love”  and blogging taught me lots of things from knowledge about the variety of cuisines, the history behind food and places and of course, meeting the endless number of passionate people working towards their goals. I only wish that five years from now on these professions should be accepted by different people at different level/ authority/Society and seen with more respect & highly paid, so like other professions so to say doctors or Engineers.




Which part of blogging excites you most: the recipe development, the post writing, or the photography?


To be honest, I simply love photography and content writing. However, I am not much focusing on writing bit just mentioning a few things about the dish, location, cost or sometimes about the taste in extreme conditions if too bad or too good.


ABOUT Bhukka Jatt by Vidur | Delhi |


Vidur Sirohi is a 27-year- old boy who started blogging in the year 2015. His love for food can be traced from the very early years of his life. Born and Raised in a typical Jaat family in Uttar Pradesh, India, he enjoyed his early years of life eating home cooked delicacies prepared from organic food, finest dairy products, etc. Later, when he went to Dehradun to pursue his Bachelors & Masters in Business Administration (MBA), he thought of starting up his career in food and soon after the completion of MBA, he opened up a café cum restaurant in Gurgaon.


During this time, he met lots of bloggers visiting his place and also explored different cuisines. And then one day he had that Eureka moment of his life realizing that he enjoys blogging a lot. Since then, he started his page named “BHOOKAJAAT. Now the focus of the page is around food and lifestyle both still food is omnipresent as he is so fond of it. One can see a lot of street food in Delhi on his page. He mentioned that sooner or later to come up with a food channel and reaching to a wider audience.