ABOUT Sanjay Dutta


Spanning a stellar career which began in 1990 in the bustling city of Kolkata. Sanjay forged an unparalled nightlife scene which ultimately resonated to every nook and corner of India, making him the most sought after DJ in the best nightclubs of every Indian city.

He is revered by every DJ for his endless qualities as a master performer. With a keen sense of those perfect tunes and the ability to present them in the most incredible fashion. There aren’t many DJs out there who can match his abilities to create dance floor hysteria the way he does. Dropping the simplest of grooves and making them sound like a raging storm is where he excels as a genius.

Creating a niche for himself, Sanjay has featured in every major festival or event in India from their very inception. A larger than life figure himself, he has played alongside some of the biggest DJs in the world. e continues to set the highest standards for any performing artist with his skills and experience. His forte being deep house, progressive-house and techno, Sanjay Dutta continues to bring the most beautiful experience to his audience. Uncompromised in quality, thoughtful and stylish, his sets continue to enthrall everyone. Sanjay is known as ‘The Beast from the East’, however most of his friends and fans lovingly call him ‘Dada’.