ABOUT Psyhil | Resident DJ | Playboy Delhi


Psyhil got into Dj’ing to fulfill a lifelong dream of playing music to a larger audience. His versatility in music style has grabbed his popularity as a Dj for Corporate Events, Private Shows, Weddings and Club Events.

His understanding of the crowd helps him hold their attention throughout any event. Since the year 2009 Psyhil started Dj’ing, he has grown as a multifaceted Dj. He got an opportunity to share the stage with artists like Badshah, Honey Singh, Punjabi MC, Nikhil Chinappa, Dj Mash, Dj Skip, Sunny Sarid, NYK, Dj Aqeel, Bally Sagoo, Lost Stories, and Dj Chicago (1200 micrograms) to name a few.

Currently working with ProDj Studio as their Official Dj, Psyhil travels to perform across the country. He specializes in Destination Weddings and is capable of playing all major genres.