ABOUT V For Veggie | Subhneet | Delhi


Shubhneet Jain is an introvert who enjoys spending time with his loved ones, a simple guy who sees the positive in every event and loves to take his parents out for dinners and lunches, you see everything revolves around food, for a food blogger. He started with food blogging in his second year of college, He was always passionate about food and wanted to explore the unknown, so he started with food walks in the lanes of Old Delhi- a foodies’ heaven.

He started with food walks in Old Delhi, and later when he saw his posts were loved and appreciated by people he took blogging very seriously. Also, He has been running his blog for last 2 years. Just launched a version 2.0 by the name – VFORVEGGIE.com. Recently, his community joined the 100000 followers club on Instagram. It felt so good. It took them around 2 years. The support from his #Vforveggie Family has been Amazing. All credits goes to followers. Because of them VFORVEGGIE has became the Biggest Vegetarian Community in Delhi.

Advice to all the food bloggers – Follow your passion, whatever it may be. Do what reflects your personality and something you would enjoy and doesn’t feel like a chore, Be original. Interact with your audience and take their feedbacks positively and be patient it all doesn’t come in a fortnight