ABOUT The Travelling Bee | Oshy Tyagi | Delhi


Oshy Tyagi is a food and travel blogger. She is also known as The Travelling Beee, through her Instagram page. She is highly passionate about her work and started her page a year ago. She is a person who loves exploring and travelling and visiting new places. She is a big Shopaholic! Shopping acts as a stress buster for her! She puts a lot of efforts in her work, be it her page or blog and it feels really good when people appreciate it in return, she claims. She can enjoy a whole day wandering here and there, clicking pictures and eating. That evidently shows her immense love for food. She has been living in Noida for about 15 years or so, and she loves Delhi a lot. She is a friendly person who’s always excited to meet new people, you will always find her hanging out with her friends or family! Along with the blog, she also works as an IT consultant. She loves her Social media family and will continue doing more and more for them.